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Wrath of the Lich King Tricks - Cyclone Tricks That Nerf Other Players

Here are some great tricks for using cyclone on other players. These will allow you to do actually stop most players dead in thier tracks from using in game healing, spells, and other skills.

– Cyclone a warlock pet, and you will make the warlock loose soul link. This is great for a warrior … More »

Wrath of the Lich King Exploits - Have 5 JC Gems Equipped

– Raise your JV to 400. – Enchant your braces or gloves with an extra socket in them. – Put one dragoneye in your extra bracer now. – Put one dragon eye in your extra glove slot. – Put one dragon eye in your 3rd slot. – Drop BS – Your extra gem slot will … More »

WotLK Cheats - Skip Thorim Repair Costs

– This cheat helps you avoid thorim repair costs. – If you are doing Hardmode for thorim, and your behind the time limit to gettin to him. – Instead of wasting time repairing and flying back in engage thorim. – Make sure you keep the gauntlet team near where he jumps down. – After … More »

WOTLK Exploits - Mount Your Mount On A Mount

– Get The Headless horseman mount. – Then mount on your headless horseman mount. – Now try to mount on another mount you have. – For example try a vehicle, the mammoth, or the argent mounts. – The game will put you on top of that mount with your headless horseman mount. – There … More »

Death Knight Cheats - Runic Power Frost Strikes

– Equip an item that will reduce your mana cost and apply to runic power. – For example use the trinket that you get from the second boss in BF. (Screen shot) – That trinket equip reduces frost strike and deal coil all the way to 18 runic power. – The death knight cheat … More »