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Aion Guides – Begginers Crafting Guide On Everthing

Here is a great begginers crafting guide from the guys over at This guide has everything you could want in a starting crafting guide. It teaches you the basics of crafting. How to actually craft. Also has in depth areas on different crafting features such as Alchemy, Armorsmithing, Cooking, Handcrafting, Sewing, … More »

Aion Cheats – How To Get Around Server Queue Wait Times

Wasnt sure where to put this so i did it here. Its a guide a bot and something that will be fixed soon.

– When you are done playing aion do not log out of the game. – Go to a shop and set up a random bot using autoit or something … More »

World of Warcraft Cheats - Reset cooldowns on Engineering Tinkers

– Make sure you have a decent engineering skill. – Engineers tinker items have independent cool downs. – If you time it well you can have all your items have tinkers on them and you can keep using a different one every 30 seconds. – This way youll never have a cooldown again. – … More »

Aion Bots – Novis Free Aion Bot

Novi is a great and upcoming coder. He has posted his novi bot on taultunleashed with a full forum to follow for it. All registered users can use this bot. Keep in mind this bot is a very advanced bot and can do most anything you can imagine. The creator also plans … More »

Aion Bots – Brand New Aion Leveling Bot (Pixel / Locs)

There is a brand new leveling bot that was just released. This bot is not a really advanced bot like the ones that most coders make. However it is great for getting the basic job done. The bot allows you to set your keys on it and easily hunt via it. THe … More »

Aion Radar Hack – MMOViper Releases Teaser Image For Radar

Well above you can see a teaser image for aion online. This is the first and only NA working radar hack. This radar hack will allow you to do most anything you could need in the game. You can view mobs that are in the distance. Easily find pks that you want … More »

Aion Leveling Guides – Aion Leveling Guides Reviewed

Well the website has posted reviews of all the major leveling guides out there. These reviews are unbiased unlike other sites that are actually just promoting their own product thru a hidden way. -Fantoms guide is unreviewed because the site was down so they have nothing there. – There is no … More »

Welcome To The Aion Blog For

Welcome to the aion blog for This blog is going to be about all the major things going in aion. From aion exploits and cheats, to aion bots and hacks, all the way to aion leveling guides and secrets. If its related to aion and its something to help your gaming experience. We are … More »