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Major Rift Plat Exploit Discovered

There is a major rift online exploit that has been discovered. It allows you to easily get over 25 plats an hour. The exploit is done by exploiting a popular dungeon in the game. What you do is kill the boss and then the boss will bug out and you can continue killing all the … More »

Rift Secret Guide For Cairn of Valta Cliffswind

Here is a secret way for you to easily get to the cairn of valta cliffswind. First of all you need to go on your map and find the coordinates of 4564 and 5084 in stonefield. Make sure you are pretty much exactly at these cords as its very important to helping you … More »

Rift Planes of Telara Best Cheat Guide For Soul Points

Whats the best rift planes of telara best cheat guide for more points in the game?

Well that is an easy answer for any player out there. It is going to be using the website taultunleashed. The reason being is taultunleashed actually has everything thats major out there. Instead of just having maybe a few … More »

Rift Planes Of Telara Four Main Classes

Question: What are the four main classes in rift plans of telara? I have been thinking about starting to play the new rift game that came out but i was hoping to get some more info on it. The main thing I’m curious about are the four main classes they have. I’m curious what they … More »

Rift Automatic Groupings Guide

Question By Jeffley: Does anyone know of a guide for rift on automatic groupings? I want to play rift with a feature that wow had that lets you automatically join groups in the game. This is very important when it comes to doing the harder end game dungeons, and getting certain quests completed that require … More »

WoW Cataclysm Worgen Dance Real Life Video

real thing

Have you ever wondered what a worgen dance might look like in real life? No? Well neither have I, but some players for world of warcraft cataclysm have decided that they have found themselves the ultimate tribute to teh worgen class and the worgen mount. In this video which is … More »

WoW Cataclysm Orgrimmar Auction house bug patch 4.0.3

Here is a pretty big bug with orgrimmar auction house for world of warcraft patch 4.0.3. This bug basically requires you first of all to have a large mount and that mount needs to be flying mount in the game. With this bug you first need to fly into the wall. Near the auction … More »

Rift Bard Guide On Attacks

What are the types of attack rift bards do and is there a guide on these attacks and how palyers are doing them?

Im pretty new to rift and i only played a few differnet classes in the game however i never tried out the rift bard class in the game. The rift bard reminds … More »