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Rift Buggest Tattertwist Exploit

Here is an awesome way to get a ton of iron from a bug node in rift online. Here is what you need to do in order to reach this bugged node and get all the loot from it.

– First of all you need to travel to tatter twist. – Tattertwist is located at … More »

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Roll Bug Glitch Exploit

Here is a world of warcraft cataclysm roll bug thats going around. This bug use to work in the original world of warcraft before the expansions and is now working once again. Keep in mind this bug may or may not be working based on patches, but give it a try and report back here … More »

Rift God Mode Cheat

This exploit is going to be nerfed fast if it has not already been done so in the game. It basically makes it so the cleric becomes invincible and can take and solo mob in the game. Those are regular mobs keep in mind, however you can even take some elite mobs easily as well. … More »

Rift Cheats and Exploits For Free Rares and Epics

Here is a rift cheat for free rares and epics in the game. The rares and epics are those that are hidden in each zone in the game. The biggest problem is you have a find a secret mound. Which might sound easy to start but every one of them requires you to travel to … More »

Aion Patch 2.5 Dupe Exploit

With the large aion patch 2.5 there where bound to be some hacks out there. Here is a major dupe hack in the game that will allow you to duplicate in game kinah but using this.

To start you need to go to the eylos side of the game. Be sure to pick them in … More »

Rift Patch 1.2 Cheats Bugs & Exploits

So rift today just released a major patch for the game. This patch is going to not only address some upcoming issues in the game but its planning on fixing a ton of old problems in the game.

The major thing they did that was major is give players the ability to ascend a … More »

Diablo 3 Follower System Leaked

Today is another great day for all you hard core diablo 3 fans. They just released a big video on what is called the follower system. This system is very similar to that of picking mercenaries from diablo 2. You basically get a type of player to join you in the game, however there is … More »

Rift Free 7 Day Trial Available

Trion just announced that rift online is going to have a 7 day free trial finally!!

Rift online is by far one of the best MMOs out there. Many have said its the wow killer that came out of no where. The game is extremely well balances. Has lots of end game quests for the … More »

Rift Swimming In The Air Flying Hack

So a brand new major hack has been released in rift online. This hack is actually a flying hack in the game. It allows players to start flying around the game world but in a very odd way. Instead of the normal flying hack that mos mmos have, rift has a counter measure to stop … More »

Best Rift Online Beastmaster Tank Build Guide

Whats the best beastmaster tank build guide for rift online thats current out there?

Im looking for a great build for beastmasters in rift online. I cant seem to find very much out there so i thought i would make a post and hopefully someone knows of a good place to find them or knows … More »