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FFXIV Bot – Video showing off bot in action

The viper guys have released a video showing a little of their bot and how it works.

If you have not heard of the Viper guys.. or their FFXIV Bot, go check them out. Looking rather good from here!

For a full description and some of the things you can expect, check out this … More »

FFXIV Bot – MMOViper bot updated for ARR

MMOViper Bot has been updated for Final Fantasy XIV:ARR. Yep, simply amazing! They have done it yet again.

I never thought the viper bots could get any better, but boy was I wrong. Now the new updated FFXIV Bot is fully background operational. That means that you can watch TV, YouTube, Surf, etc all while … More »

Everquest 2 – Whats next?

SOE the makers of the Everquest Franchise, have been very busy (behind the scenes) it seems. Today at noon PDT they are going to reveal the next game. Many fans were expecting it to be Everquest 3 (including me), however what they announced last year was that it will not be a sequel or prequel, … More »

Elder Scrolls Online – First Person Gameplay

ESO has been announced that it was only going to be a 3rd person mmorpg, where the player basically looks over the shoulder of his character in game. However, today we bring you some of the first official footage showing that they have indeed added a first person mode within the game. This was only … More »

Elder Scrolls Online – Class Skills

As most of you are aware by now, ESO – Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG game set to be released sometime early spring of 2014. There is much speculation about the game – Its content, playstyle, spells, etc.

Today declassify some of that mystery, and bring you the (beta) current eso spell list or … More »