9Dragons Leveling Bot – Methods 9 Dragons Trainer

Published on September 21, 2009 by admin

9Dragons Leveling Bot - Methods 9 Dragons Trainer

The moderator method has posted a working trainer for 9dragons. This trainer has been working since may of 2009 and is still working. The trainer is undetectable and no one has been found to be using it by the acclaim staff. This trainer also will help you fully level your toon as quickly as possible in the game. Keep in mind this trainer is only for premium members so you will be forced to get a membership to taultunleashed. You can get one of those by either sharing information you have found via the net or donating to the site. Keep in mind with the extra coin you make in game you can always resell it for real life cash and pay for your subscription right away. Well enjoy the bot and have fun with it.

Here is some updates for it.

Auto meditation is @ 95% VE drain.
Pixel locations were based on 1280×1024 and 1440×900 resolutions, so this will cover both 4:3 and 14:10 screens.

- Meditation input has been removed as it was pretty pointless.
- Covering both monitor aspect ratios at limited resolutions as mentioned above.

Check here for more info


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9Dragons Cheats – New Working Buff Trainer

Published on July 8, 2009 by admin

9Dragons Cheats / Bots - New Working Buff Trainer

Just making this post so everyone knows we have a brand new 9dragons buff trainer on the site. Basically this is the only working 9dragons bot out there in the game. The bot allows you to do tons of things in the game but mainly it helps you buff your character up to a higher level in the game with little to no work by you. This is one of the biggest 9dragons cheats or bots in the game. Be sure to check out the great worth methods did when he made this and shared it with the community.

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9Dragons Hacks – Max out your skills quickly

Published on March 24, 2009 by admin

Here is a brand new 9dragons hack for the game. This 9dragons hack should help you in your gaming experience as it helps you level your skills quickly. Be sure to use this if you want to level easily.

- Travel to your master.
- Go and buy a new skill in the game.
- Now make sure the skill is not trained, it should be black and white.
- Minimize the game.
- Go to your UCE (whatever training macro you are using)
- Using it do a search for value 1
- Go back in the game.
- Now activate your skill
- Minimize the game and go to your UCE
- Search for the value 0
- Try changing that skill now in the UCE.
- If done correctly you can train your new skills easily.

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9Dragons Bots – New UCE For 9dragons

Published on March 23, 2009 by admin

9Dragons UCE is basically a botting program to help you train your skills higher.  Players use these 9DR abilities to help them level higher in the game.  Be sure to check out the following 9 Dragons UCE.

Here is an UCE we had in the past.

This one works like a charm!!!
Just attach the uce to the NINEDRAGONS.EXE and there u go

no virus or trojan!






Sorry to say smoke that this whont cras any PC!!
The way to use:

1.unpack the zip
2.add the registry file to the registry (MoonLight Engine 1083.reg)
(te reg file is needed for the engine settings) never tick the box <in> for stealth mode.
3.start systemca11signal.exe at the end press ok
4. start Kernelmoduleunloader.exe and press ok
5. now start the moonlightengine.exe and normaly attach to the NINEDRAGONS.EXE.
That’s it.
Now u can search for the values!

Tested on Vista, Xp Pro Sp2, Xp MEdia Center, Windows Server 2003
Tested on 21 diferent computers

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9Dragons Exploits Exploit

Published on February 24, 2009 by admin

One of the major things every player wants in 9dragons is the ability to have 9dragons exploits.  With 9dragons exploits a player can do things that normally would be nearly impossible for them to accomplish.  These things range from being able to do your kung fu faster.  To killing another player in the game with little to no effor.  The true status of a great player is someone that can do all these things and more without actually have to worry about being caught.

Now you want to ask yourself whats the problem with being caught using a 9dr exploit int eh game.  Well 9dragons epxloits are very agians tthe rule sof playing acclaims game.  However if you know the secretive epxloits then you will have little to no problems actually getting it done.  You can easily enjoy your exploitng and live a life of getting away with cheating in the game.  The way people are able to do things like this is using amazing site.

A great site for example one could consider to be taultunleashed.com with them you can actually get access to all the 9dragons cheats before they came out in the game.  When you can do all that and more then nothing can stop you.  Be sure to check out taultunleasheds 9dragons submissions section as you can always find the newest things listed there.  Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you in the game.

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