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Aion Bots – Brand New Aion Leveling Bot (Pixel / Locs)

Aion Bots - Brand New Working Leveling Bot

There is a brand new leveling bot that was just released. This bot is not a really advanced bot like the ones that most coders make. However it is great for getting the basic job done. The bot allows you to set your keys on it and easily hunt via it. THe bot does use some x and y locs to help find out where you are and go from there. However the bot uses pixels alot to find out where mobs and other parts of information are on the screen. Whats nice about the bot it is takes only a few minutes to set up then you can enjoy all your botting in aion. If you want to know more about the bot feel free to check it out by going to taultunleashed;s aion bot section and reading up on it. Enjoy.

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