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Aion Bots – Novis Free Aion Bot

Aion Bots - Brand New Working Leveling Bot

Novi is a great and upcoming coder. He has posted his novi bot on taultunleashed with a full forum to follow for it. All registered users can use this bot. Keep in mind this bot is a very advanced bot and can do most anything you can imagine. The creator also plans on putting other things such as waypoints, harvesting, and other things in the bot.

What does it do

* Searches for mobs, attacks until dead
* Heals when health gets low
* Rests when mana/energy get low
* Skip targets that it cannot attack successfully
* Ignores level 1 mobs (little creatures)
* Loots all corpses
* Autounstuck*

If you want to use the bot here is a direct link to the forum that has it. Enjoy

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