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Aion Guides – Target’s Target Macro Fix

The following video shows you how to select your target of target. The game actually has most things incorrect in how it shows you the macro and selecting thing. Here is a great way to actually use the macros to help you select your targets target.

The first one is /Select [%Target’sTarget]
The second one is /Skill Select Target’s Target
The third one is /Quickbar (and the setup for your targets target ability).

Be sure to include the correct spelling and these are case sensitive so you cant get them working without the correct capitalization. For example you must keep the [%Target’sTarget] part correctly capitalized or it wont work for you. This also applies to [%PreviousTarget] changes that you make.

These also added in a patch that makes you need the delay command now if you are using the /Skill or /Quickbar commands. Because if you don’t add a delay in there it wont select the previous target. Id recommend something like /Quickbar 4 3 1 /Quickbar 3 3 1 /delay .1 /Select [%PreviousTarget] as that should work perfectly for you.

You can use .1 for the delay but sometimes thats not enough and it might fail id just use 1 or maybe use .5

The only one that i found that you wont be required to use a delay is /Select [Target’sTarget] /Quickbar 3 3 1 /Select [%PreviousTarget]. I think this is because they added a cool down when you use a skill instead of when you are just selecting a target and its instantly.

Well anyways thats the guide for how to properly use the target’s target macro and how it can help you buff, attack, and do a bunch of new things in the game. If you want to learn more about aion guides, macros, and more then be sure to check out the left side of the page where we have tons of information on it.

Also if you want the underground stuff then you need to check out taultunleashed as they have all the cream of the crop when it comes to premium aion online guides, macros, and more. Well i hope you enjoyed our Aion Guide – Target’s Target Macro Fix.

Aion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide Secrets

Aion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide SecretsAion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide Secrets

Weaponsmithing is a career in Aion that is used to create basically all of the steel based mostly weapons used by its characters. This includes the swords, daggers, axes, polearms, and maces. Warriors, Assassins and Chanters will all want these items sooner or later, which provides this profession a nice platform from which to make Kinah – they have a far larger put in base of potential customers.

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Methods to Make Kinah with Weaponsmithing
For those inquisitive about making a revenue with weaponsmithing, you could start with reaching the top stage and then getting the materials required for it. The price of leveling up Weaponsmithing will be reasonably super on its own, so it is strongly recommended that you don’t start past degree 199 or so until you’re in your 40s or degree 50. This may allow you to level it faster and extra efficiently.

Additionally, you must save the entire metals you collect from the world as these will probably be in high demand for your crafts. If you happen to see good offers on the Commerce Broker, pick them up rapidly too as these can all the time sit in the Warehouse for some time till they’re priceless again.

In the end, you will want to spend a bit of time creating your recipe stock as well. This needs to be finished in the Abyss the place additionally, you will must replenish on Divine Energy to assist proc out some rarer items that can sell for extra Kinah. It is advisable to discuss to the NPCs situated within the fortresses in the Abyss. These are solely obtainable to you if your faction controls the fortresses so chances are you’ll need to participate in some PvP as nicely to get this career leveled up.
Flipping Earnings

After getting your recipes and your supplies, it’s best to focus on crafting objects with high demand – this includes two handed weapons with gradual cast occasions and high DPS ratings, as well as certain one handed items like swords and daggers that can be utilized by a twin wielding Assassin or Gladiator. Ensure to concentrate on the ones with the highest demand and try and proc the rarest types of these gear recipes.

Once you have created your gadgets, use the Non-public Store or Commerce Dealer to sell them off. The Commerce Dealer is finest for items with excessive demand. Anything else, together with set items must be bought on a one on one foundation the place you’ll be able to assure a profit in your investment.

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