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Working Aion Kinah Hack – Dupe For All Servers Scam

Above you will see a video that says it is the aion online kinah hack.  This exploit says it will make you more kinah than you could ever use in aion online because of how it works.  Also the hack they say is easy to run and it works on all versions of the game.  Now lets give you a quick low down on this hack and the reality of it.

First of all this aion online hack is a scam.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE ITEM.  It is going to be either a trojan, or some sort of virus so they can steal your aion online account.

The video shown shows them first opening up a server on aion online.  If you look at it you can easily tell that its not a public server or is a public server taken with time lapses in it.  This is how they trick you into thinking this is a working hack.

All they did is first of all show them in aion online with a low amount of in game kinah.  Then they show themselves switching to opening up the application (It might just be a simple .exe they created or a photoshop).  Then they pause the recorder and edit the aion online private server values, use photoshop, or use cheat engine.  All of these will make it seem like they have a ton of kinah in the game now.  When in reality they don’t.  This is done so it will trick you into thinking that they have found a new working aion online kinah hack for the game.  Remember once again this is a scam being used to steal your in game accounts or worse if they get the chance.

Here are some easy tips to help you avoid scams like that.  First of all anyone that says they have a way to hack the game for more kinah are lying.  The only ways to get kinah will be from in game quests, selling stuff, bots, and cheats to find loopholes in the game.  There is no kinah hack because kinah information is stored server side.  So if someone wanted to get kinah from hacking they game they first would have to break into the games servers which would easily get them caught then they would steal all the kinah they could find.  This is something that no one can really do easily and if they manage to do it they wouldnt take the risk of selling a hack to the public because it would easily be traced back to them and get them ultimately arrested.

I think this should help players when it comes to finding out more about aion online kinah hacks and if they are scams or not.

Are There Any Good Aion Kinah Hacks

Are There Any Good Aion Kinah Hacks
Kinah is becoming a pain to get the more i play the game, but at the same time i love playing the game. What is the best move for me to get easy kinah? I was thinking of using some aion kinah hacks but im not sure where to get them. All the free sites clearly have information that is nerfed, and on top of that the majority of the time it is just a scam or has a virus in it so i really want to steer clear of that stuff if i can. Does anyone have a good recommendation for the best place i can get aion online kinah hacks?

Also whats a good place for aion leveling bots while you’re at it. I want to find a place that has a legit bot that is updated, the people speak English there. A free site wont do since i dont want the risk of getting my account hacked or detected for botting. Pretty much all free sites site IMO since the game creators can see it and they just nerf the items right away.

Best answer:
Well you are in luck. The number one place for aion kinah hacks is going to be taultunleashed and mmoviper. Taultunleashed has more kinah hacks than any other site out there. All their hacks in the confirmed areas have been tested by members and are confirmed to be working with no virus’s or trojans in them. Also they have a submission area with new aion kinah hacks being added daily. On top of that you get access to MMOViper when you get a membership there. MMOViper has the worlds number 1 aion radar hack which lets you see all mobs, hidden players, and more. So if you are fighting someone thats invisbile you can now see them easily. Even better is you get access to their aion online kinah and leveling bot.

This bot to date has still nto been detected by any sort of company. They have been udpating it constantly while aion was in beta nad they still update it today. Unlike other small sits that give up they still support all their games. With a membership you also get access to all mmovipers and taultunleasheds supported games. Which is well over 50 games as it stands.

Aion Speed Hacks and Radar Hacks Dominating In PVP Video

Here is a video of a playing using a speed hack and a radar hack to become pretty much unstopable in aion online.  He has killed almost 90% of the players he has met in the game.  He is only lvl 40 but he can take down most anyone in the game.  Whats worse of all is aion has not done anything to actually stop someone from using this hack in the game.  This player seems as well to be online 24/7 so he is more than liking using some sort of bot to help him get more items in the game.

With his hacks he also can take down most any player in the game.  Level 50 toons get taken out easily with him and if he ever is ganged up on he manages to use an aion speed hack to run away and safely avoids being attack.  All people know is he is called the fat china man and seems to be unstopable in the game.

For players looking for a bot like he has then they need to check out mmoviper for the best aion online bots.  For players that are after the same type of radar hack this player was using then then need to check out mmoviper once again as they have the best radar hacks out there for aion online.

When it comes to speed hacks for doing extra damage and running around faster than you should be able to.  Well then you want to check out taultunleashed.  Taultunleashed is easily the best place for aion hacks, leveling guides, kinah guides, cheats, exploits, private servers and more.  They have everything a player could really want.

Anyways enjoy the video and learning about how players are able to run, attack, and fly faster than anything in the game.  Its something aion does not enforce strongly so enjoy it while you can.

Easiest way to make aion online kinah

Easy Aion Online KinahWhat is the easiest way to make aion kinah?
I have been playing aion online awhile now but I’m having a horrible time trying to get in game kinah easily. Does anyone have a solution for the fastest way i can in the game. I have read about different ways such as questing, pvping, bots, cheats, ect ect. But i really want to know the easiesyt way i can in the game. Also some people just say go out and buy kinah but im not sure if i should do that either. Please help me figure out what i should do.

Best answer:
This answer is going to be a long one but im going to tell you the fastest ways you can with and without risks.

First of all if you have little time and have money then id recommend you go out and buy some aion online kinah. Its not to much and there are a lot of sites we don’t have one right away you should go too but you can read about reviews and other things on sites to help you get an opinion as to whats the best move for you getting easy aion online kinah in the game.

The second way that’s going to be the most risky is using aion online bots. Aion kinah farming bots can make you a ton of kinah easily. While they might not make as much if you where playing the game they can run while you are sleeping so they can help you gain kinah easily even when you are not playing. However the risk is that if someone reports you or you are caught by a gm or the software then you will get your account banned the majority of the time.

The third second way to make kinah that still has a risk is using aion cheats. With aion cheats you can use bugs int ehg ame that they did not intend on. For example maybe you found a mob that spawns right away with a good amount of items on it that you can sell for kinah. Or a bugged quest you can do over and over again instantly to give you a ton of aion kinah. There are a bunch of different ways. For example teh site taultunleashed has probably the largest database out there on easily getting in game kinah.

The last way is going to be just using kinah guides. With kinah guides they tell you quests and hunting areas to maximize your in game kinah. So for example instead of using a cheat the guide might show you step by step how to do a high end quest that gives you something that you can sell fo ra ton of kinah or just gives you alot of kinah as a reward for doing it.

Well anyways those are your best ways for kinah now you have decide which method you want to take based on the risks and rewards.

Aion Speed Hack For Private and Public Servers

Aion Online Speed HackWhere Can I Get A Aion Speed Hack For Private and Public Servers
So i keep on seeing people running around the game much faster than me. It took me awhile but after searching the net i found out that people are using something called a speed hack for aion online. I play on both private and public servers so I’m looking for a speed hack that can work on either one of those. Also i was curious on my chances of being banned for using this. I don’t really care about my private server account but im a little iffy on my public server account being banned for using one. So can someone tell me about them and what i should do?

Best answer:
Sure well first of all if you are after a speed hack you are going to need a place to get them. I recommend using taultunleashed. Once you go there then look up the different types of speed hack they have. Also you can always try out cheat engine but its not always working 100% with aion online and its better to have a site like taultunleashed that has fully working and updated aion online speed hacks.

When it comes to speed hacking right now aion does nothing to really detect you for using one. In the past they might of with their own gameguard but they have removed it due to the fact it was blocking way to many people from being able to actually log into the game.

Keep in mind though you can still get banned pretty easily for using a speed hack on a public server by a few ways. The first way which no one is 100% sure of is if aion online is looking for people that are moving faster than certain speed check in the game. Then they just ban your account.

The second major way to get banned if from players actually reporting you for using it. So if you are speed hacking dont have it at some ungodly speed because you are more than likely going to get reported and eventually banned. Have it set to be just a little bit faster than the max most players have. This way no one can be 100% sure if it was you or them lagging as to why you caught up to them in PvP or why you are running faster than most other players. When no one is around feel free to crank it up to travel to new areas asap.

If it was me id still be a little cautious on using a aion online speed hack on a public server but feel free to use them on private servers all you want and enjoy hacking. Also you can always join taultunleashed just by submitting information you know about aion online for a free account.

Give your answer to this question below!

Aion Online Account Hacking (Hack) Solutions

Aion Online Account Hacking SolutionsMy account for aion online was hacked what can i do?
A awhile ago my account for aion online was hacked. In order for me to stop that right away i made sure to cancel the monthly payments coming out on my credit card. Is there an easy way for me to get my account back with all my items? Or am i basically screwed and there is no way for me now to get my account back with all its items.

Best answer:
Well you have pretty much 2 different options. The first one is what id recommend doing just for safety reasons. Id contact aion online’s main department and tell them about how your account was hacked and you want to know of the best way to help fix this situation so you can get your account back. While i have never had this situation with NC Soft i have had to do something like this when my wow account was hacked a few months ago. If they are doing things the same they will probably have you verify some previous information. Such as your old credit card number, your old email address, when you might of created your account, your old password (rarely do companies do this one), and they might even have you send in a copy of your drivers license to help prove it was you. This way they can be sure you are the real account holder and give you your account back with all its items. However the downside is you probably cant get your items back there might be a chance but its less than likely. Also if they account hacker was evil they might of deleted your account and if NC Soft has no policy on that then you will loose your account as well.

The second option is a tad more evil but you can always try it. First of all find out who stole your account. You can log into the game and find if your account is one and then try to figure out if he joined a special clan which then is more than likely the same hackers. Also sometimes with games you can find out what the email address of the hacker is since they do change them a lot of the time to their email address they are using. Then you just need to first of all find a good key-logger program or Trojan program. Put that in an email address and make it seem like a password retrieval page. Since a majority of hackers are from china and other 3rd party countries sometimes English is still a harder language for them to read. They will then go ahead and check out the link and sometimes install the Trojan software. Then you can get your revenge. Keep in mind this is in a gray area and it may or may not be illegal depending on where you live. But now you know all the facts of what to do when someone steals your account.

How To Create Your Own Aion Private Server

Here is an amazing guide how to create your own private server in aion online. Aion online is an amazing game however players hate having the extreme grind later in the game. Now this gives you the ability to create your own private server. From running around the game as an admin. To being able to hit mobs without taking any damage. To actually flying or teleporting to all the game quests.

Now you can do all that and more. Best of all is using a private server is free for you to discover new things in the game. We do recommend that you have an active paying subscription to aion online as well. Because yes the grind might suck, but if you are enjoying the private server its off the work of thousands of employees and for them to continually update the game they are going to need an income. Its your call totally on that one.

Also when using the private server make sure to keep it actually private to you and maybe a few friends. Dont advertise it at all. All too often people are going out and telling others about their private server and sharing it via the net. There have been already a few lawsuits going around for people who are running thier own private server then charging others that want to purchase extra items in the game. Yes this might make you some easy cash but you now have some high risks of being caught and fined. Its illegal in some countries but in the USA it is a lawsuit, however spending tens of thousands of dollars to fight a case then spending hundreds of thousands if you loose is not something anyone wants to deal with. Well without further waiting we bring to you an amazing private server guide found via the net.

This Guide Is Going to show you how to make your own aion private server..
Get this software to start :



Java Developement Kit

You can install it anywhere

Step One.

Just extract eclipse where ever you want.
But dont lose it incase you need to re-compile, or if a new rev is released.

Install SmartSVN.
Install JDK(Java Developement Kit).

Step Two.

Dont worry its an easy install

Open SmartSVN.

Open SmartSVN and you will get this window:

Hit OK.

It should now look like this:

Put where it says URL
and your Destinated Folder where it says Local Directory.

Not hit Next.

It will now look like this

Hit Finish.

It will start “downloading” the core from the site.

It will now look like this

Note: That now you’re able to see directories now, aswell as files.

Step Three.

Look for the files you have now downloaded.

For me the files are in C:\Program Files\Aion SVN.

Go to that directory it should look like the following.

Make sure you have  “Show hidden folders” enabled.

Navigate to. Trunk> AE LoginServer

Make sure that theres a file in there called build.xml

Navigate to. Trunk> AE GameServer

Make sure that theres a file in there called build.xml

Navigate to. Trunk> AE_Commons

Make sure that theres a file in there called build.xml

When you’ve done this then your ready to start compiling.

Step Four.

Open Eclipse.

You will see this window

Go with the default workspace

Press OK.

Navigate to File> Open File.

Go to your SVN folder. In my case: C:\Program Files\Aion SVN

Navigate to Trunk> AE LoginServer.

Click at build.xml.

If nothing appears when you do this then double click beside the Welcome Tab.

A new tab should appear. It should be called build.xml.

Step Five.

Navigate to Window> Preferences

Navigate to Ant> Runtime

Press Global Entries

And then Press Add External JARs.

Go to the folder where your Java is installed. In my case C:\Program Files\Java

In that folder there may be several folders or just one.

Press the one that says jreX

X being a number.

Example: jre4 (thats where i found my file)

Navigate to lib

And in there find tools.jar.

If you cant find it then pick another folder.

Press OK.

Navigate to Run>Run

You should get prompted with a window.

Press Ant Build.

This will start compiling the file.

When the compiling the “Console” window should look like this:

When your done compiling LoginServer then just repeat step iv-step v.

The only thing your going to do different is to choose another file.

Instead of choosing the build.xml file in the AE LoginServer, you will now compile the build.xml file in the AE_GameServer folder and AE_Commons folder.

Step Six.

When you’ve reached this step you should have your Core Compiled.

Character Profile Comments Removal Answered

So good news that someone finally asked what happened to the comments for our character profile/Aion live status areas. They said basically they had them taken away to stop RMT (real money traders) from exploiting this system in order to send spam at an alarming rate to palyers. The bad news is they arent sure if they will ever come back because they have no way to actively fight people exploiting the system to sell kinah in the game. So all in all it kinda sucks for players that enjoyed that.

Original Article

Deshy from Telemachus asks:

”Why was the option to post comments on our character profile/Aion live status removed, and will it come back in some way?”

We’ve temporarily disabled our comment system to protect our users from a new initiative from RMT organizations. These companies have begun spamming our players’ comments with advertisements and phishing links. Unfortunately, we currently have no effective way to combat this annoying behavior. Rather than let it get out of control, we turned off the comment feature before the spamming and phishing in character comments became a larger issue.

We’re hard at work implementing better tools to enhance this feature of our website. We plan to bring comments back online as soon as those tools have been completed. Although we understand that you enjoyed leaving your friends comments, we take your safety seriously, and our actions are a testament to that.

Do you want to be the one asking the Question of the Week next time? Drop us an email with your character name, server, and question at

Aion Hacks – Aions Secret New Anti Botting System Figured Out

Aion Hacks - Aions Secret New Anti Botting System Figured Out

So there has been a big revelation about aions big anti botting system. Not everyone knew how it worked out what it exactly did. However aion made it possible by accident or not to help you find out if you have been reported, and what level of punishment you are in.

First of all lets explain how the new system works. The best way to describe it can be a translation from the site

1) “Automatic Bot penalty system” has been improved.

– Original: You can only report 1 player every 30 min
– Change: Now you get 10 report points, so you can report up to 10 players using the “Automatic Bot report” function!

Bot Report


Bot report


Bot report

  1) Every 30 minutes you will get 1 additional report point up to a max of 10.
  2) If logged out you will also accumulate report points up to a max of 10.
  3) You can view your current status of your report points by using the ‘/신고횟수’ command.

2) In order to further avoid abuse the following restrictions have been added

– Original
  1) In order report the same player again you need to wait for 30 mins

  2) You cannot use the report function in the 2 major cities
  3) Once you have been applied a penalty stage due to accumulating reports, you can’t report other players anymore.
  4) You cannot report the enemy race

– Additions
  1) You cannot use the report functionality in abyss
  2) If you have reported a player, you can’t report the same player again for 30 mins, including:

    A) Using a different character on the same account
    B) Different account on the same IP
    C) Players of the same guild

3) The restrictions when entering a penalty stage have been further increased

  1) When entering penalty stage 3, forming parties is not possible anymore
  2) If you are in a party when entering stage 3, the party will automatically be disbanded

Automatic Bot Penalty System explained

1) How to use
  – Target a player and use the “Bot report” Button from the skills window
  – Target a player and enter the ‘/자동사냥신고’ command

2) Depending on how much reports you have received you will enter different stages of penalties
  – The penalty stages automatically decrease when you are not reported for a specific amount of time (offline times do not count!)

  – If more and more reports are accumulated the penalty stage will increase

Penalty stage



Party / Raid  



You can get

Can participate


XP, Abyss Points, mining success rate and probability of obtaining gold -> 30% reduction


XP, Abyss Points, mining success rate and probability of obtaining gold -> 50% reduction

You can’t get

Cannot participate

XP, Abyss Points, mining success rate and probability of obtaining gold -> 100% decrease

You can’t get

Cannot participate

Now lets explain the nice trick you can do in order to help you find out if you have been reported for botting in the game.

– Type /restriction in game.
– Now you will have something that says “status —-” (status it he level you are at)
– Based on the information above you can figure out how deep in the hole you are.

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Aion Bots – MMOViper Updates (Including Windows 7)

MMOViper has released a slew of new updates. This bot is now fully working with windows 7 and it has a ton of other updates to allow you to hunt all the easier. Keep in mind they are still adding in new updates every day so be sure to check for more. Also remember with the right subscription you can get access to mmoviper over at

–Tweaked the radar and mob listings, should now be more stable
–Tweaked the hotkey combo chains. They will now fire correctly. If you setup a chain, it will continue casting the entire chain regardless of other hotkeys that may be ready.
— Initial Pet options have been enabled
— Initial Grouping options have been enabled
— Harvesting has been tweaked
— Mob arrays have been tweaked for missing nodes/mobs
— Turning code has been tweaked

The new filename is slightly changed, so when you copy the new version over, be sure to be running the correct one. Ie, AIONViperBot.exe.

We have tested windows 7 64-bit and everything seems to be working very well. Please let us know if you have any issues with windows 7 ViperBot!!!

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