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Aion Patch 2.5 Dupe Exploit

Aion Patch 2.5 Kinah ExploitWith the large aion patch 2.5 there where bound to be some hacks out there. Here is a major dupe hack in the game that will allow you to duplicate in game kinah but using this.

To start you need to go to the eylos side of the game. Be sure to pick them in the game and make sure you are creating a toon that is eylos once again. You don’t know how many times people have said this isnt working because they aren’t playing as elyos its stupid ha.

No take your character and talk to mirnes in the game. Once you talk with him he is going to give you a quest called the thieves quest. The thieves quest has you open sacks full of grains and collect the grain sacks for him. When you open a grain sack you will get some gold for doing this. Now most of the time people will just do the recommended grain sack opening then talk to mirnes and finish the quest. Here is where the aion patch 2.5 dupe comes into play.

You can create a quick macro that will travel to all the sacks of grain and keep opening them over and over again. Each sack can get you around 200 gold. Which this might not be a ton of gold to some players when you are starting a new account this is an amazing way to get easy gold early in the game. Best of all you just need to use something like autoit or macro express to automate doing this so when you go to bed you can have a toon collecting you easy gold in the game.

Also for you higher level players who are thinking about doing this quest, you can do it because the quest has no timer on it or level restriction.

So anyways enjoy this aion patch 2.5 dupe hack.

Working Aion Kinah Hack – Dupe For All Servers Scam

Above you will see a video that says it is the aion online kinah hack.  This exploit says it will make you more kinah than you could ever use in aion online because of how it works.  Also the hack they say is easy to run and it works on all versions of the game.  Now lets give you a quick low down on this hack and the reality of it.

First of all this aion online hack is a scam.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE ITEM.  It is going to be either a trojan, or some sort of virus so they can steal your aion online account.

The video shown shows them first opening up a server on aion online.  If you look at it you can easily tell that its not a public server or is a public server taken with time lapses in it.  This is how they trick you into thinking this is a working hack.

All they did is first of all show them in aion online with a low amount of in game kinah.  Then they show themselves switching to opening up the application (It might just be a simple .exe they created or a photoshop).  Then they pause the recorder and edit the aion online private server values, use photoshop, or use cheat engine.  All of these will make it seem like they have a ton of kinah in the game now.  When in reality they don’t.  This is done so it will trick you into thinking that they have found a new working aion online kinah hack for the game.  Remember once again this is a scam being used to steal your in game accounts or worse if they get the chance.

Here are some easy tips to help you avoid scams like that.  First of all anyone that says they have a way to hack the game for more kinah are lying.  The only ways to get kinah will be from in game quests, selling stuff, bots, and cheats to find loopholes in the game.  There is no kinah hack because kinah information is stored server side.  So if someone wanted to get kinah from hacking they game they first would have to break into the games servers which would easily get them caught then they would steal all the kinah they could find.  This is something that no one can really do easily and if they manage to do it they wouldnt take the risk of selling a hack to the public because it would easily be traced back to them and get them ultimately arrested.

I think this should help players when it comes to finding out more about aion online kinah hacks and if they are scams or not.

Aion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide Secrets

Aion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide SecretsAion Weaponsmithing Kinah Guide Secrets

Weaponsmithing is a career in Aion that is used to create basically all of the steel based mostly weapons used by its characters. This includes the swords, daggers, axes, polearms, and maces. Warriors, Assassins and Chanters will all want these items sooner or later, which provides this profession a nice platform from which to make Kinah – they have a far larger put in base of potential customers.

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Methods to Make Kinah with Weaponsmithing
For those inquisitive about making a revenue with weaponsmithing, you could start with reaching the top stage and then getting the materials required for it. The price of leveling up Weaponsmithing will be reasonably super on its own, so it is strongly recommended that you don’t start past degree 199 or so until you’re in your 40s or degree 50. This may allow you to level it faster and extra efficiently.

Additionally, you must save the entire metals you collect from the world as these will probably be in high demand for your crafts. If you happen to see good offers on the Commerce Broker, pick them up rapidly too as these can all the time sit in the Warehouse for some time till they’re priceless again.

In the end, you will want to spend a bit of time creating your recipe stock as well. This needs to be finished in the Abyss the place additionally, you will must replenish on Divine Energy to assist proc out some rarer items that can sell for extra Kinah. It is advisable to discuss to the NPCs situated within the fortresses in the Abyss. These are solely obtainable to you if your faction controls the fortresses so chances are you’ll need to participate in some PvP as nicely to get this career leveled up.
Flipping Earnings

After getting your recipes and your supplies, it’s best to focus on crafting objects with high demand – this includes two handed weapons with gradual cast occasions and high DPS ratings, as well as certain one handed items like swords and daggers that can be utilized by a twin wielding Assassin or Gladiator. Ensure to concentrate on the ones with the highest demand and try and proc the rarest types of these gear recipes.

Once you have created your gadgets, use the Non-public Store or Commerce Dealer to sell them off. The Commerce Dealer is finest for items with excessive demand. Anything else, together with set items must be bought on a one on one foundation the place you’ll be able to assure a profit in your investment.

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Are There Any Good Aion Kinah Hacks

Are There Any Good Aion Kinah Hacks
Kinah is becoming a pain to get the more i play the game, but at the same time i love playing the game. What is the best move for me to get easy kinah? I was thinking of using some aion kinah hacks but im not sure where to get them. All the free sites clearly have information that is nerfed, and on top of that the majority of the time it is just a scam or has a virus in it so i really want to steer clear of that stuff if i can. Does anyone have a good recommendation for the best place i can get aion online kinah hacks?

Also whats a good place for aion leveling bots while you’re at it. I want to find a place that has a legit bot that is updated, the people speak English there. A free site wont do since i dont want the risk of getting my account hacked or detected for botting. Pretty much all free sites site IMO since the game creators can see it and they just nerf the items right away.

Best answer:
Well you are in luck. The number one place for aion kinah hacks is going to be taultunleashed and mmoviper. Taultunleashed has more kinah hacks than any other site out there. All their hacks in the confirmed areas have been tested by members and are confirmed to be working with no virus’s or trojans in them. Also they have a submission area with new aion kinah hacks being added daily. On top of that you get access to MMOViper when you get a membership there. MMOViper has the worlds number 1 aion radar hack which lets you see all mobs, hidden players, and more. So if you are fighting someone thats invisbile you can now see them easily. Even better is you get access to their aion online kinah and leveling bot.

This bot to date has still nto been detected by any sort of company. They have been udpating it constantly while aion was in beta nad they still update it today. Unlike other small sits that give up they still support all their games. With a membership you also get access to all mmovipers and taultunleasheds supported games. Which is well over 50 games as it stands.

Easiest way to make aion online kinah

Easy Aion Online KinahWhat is the easiest way to make aion kinah?
I have been playing aion online awhile now but I’m having a horrible time trying to get in game kinah easily. Does anyone have a solution for the fastest way i can in the game. I have read about different ways such as questing, pvping, bots, cheats, ect ect. But i really want to know the easiesyt way i can in the game. Also some people just say go out and buy kinah but im not sure if i should do that either. Please help me figure out what i should do.

Best answer:
This answer is going to be a long one but im going to tell you the fastest ways you can with and without risks.

First of all if you have little time and have money then id recommend you go out and buy some aion online kinah. Its not to much and there are a lot of sites we don’t have one right away you should go too but you can read about reviews and other things on sites to help you get an opinion as to whats the best move for you getting easy aion online kinah in the game.

The second way that’s going to be the most risky is using aion online bots. Aion kinah farming bots can make you a ton of kinah easily. While they might not make as much if you where playing the game they can run while you are sleeping so they can help you gain kinah easily even when you are not playing. However the risk is that if someone reports you or you are caught by a gm or the software then you will get your account banned the majority of the time.

The third second way to make kinah that still has a risk is using aion cheats. With aion cheats you can use bugs int ehg ame that they did not intend on. For example maybe you found a mob that spawns right away with a good amount of items on it that you can sell for kinah. Or a bugged quest you can do over and over again instantly to give you a ton of aion kinah. There are a bunch of different ways. For example teh site taultunleashed has probably the largest database out there on easily getting in game kinah.

The last way is going to be just using kinah guides. With kinah guides they tell you quests and hunting areas to maximize your in game kinah. So for example instead of using a cheat the guide might show you step by step how to do a high end quest that gives you something that you can sell fo ra ton of kinah or just gives you alot of kinah as a reward for doing it.

Well anyways those are your best ways for kinah now you have decide which method you want to take based on the risks and rewards.