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Aion Steel Rake Door Jumping Exploit

Aion Steel Rake Door Jumping ExploitHere is a current exploit in aion as to how players can lag themselves on top of the door in Steel Rake.

What you want to do is find the barrels near the doorway first of all. There are a bunch of them near the door way so sometimes you have to change which one you are trying to get on. Now get away from the barrel that if you jumped towards it and glided you would end up right on top of the barrel.

Go and jump towards the barrel now of course and right when you land on it hit the jump button. If you have done this correctly you will now be on top of the door way.

For those who cant get that way to work:

Get on the barrel right next to the door. When you are next to it get yourself a ton of lag in the game. So turn up your FPS in the game and start doing other things you can so the game is lagging for you. Now jump a ton from the barrel right next to the doorway until the game actually lags you and puts you on top of it.

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