Atlantica Online Guides – Make Millions Daily Easily With The Trading Post

Published on July 4, 2009 by admin

- Have the following : Level 96, 5 million gold, Trade permission from the market at fixed price of 1million gold, a calculator, and teleportation license.
- Use your trade permissions right when you buy it.
- Go to a town that has the trading post function in it.
- Look at the items and find one that has the lowest quantity.
- Travel to the place where the item is the cheapest.
- Buy the item there and travel to where its the highest.
- Keep doing this all day for easy money.
- This guide is somewhat common sense but its still great for players that want to get ahead and make tons of gold quickly in the game.

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Atlantica Online Exploits – Manipulate The Commodity Box For Extra Profit

Published on March 24, 2009 by admin

There is a new atlantica online cheat going out. Atlantica online cheats such as this will allow a player to manipulate the games commodity box for thier own profit. Be sure to check out this Atlantica Cheat if you like cheating in the game.

- The bug first of all has you use a special method on to manipulate the exploit (dont worry its free to view if you sign up as a free member)
- Then you use that box to actually make it show up the items you are after.
- You basically just have to click the box after manipulating it alot and you can make around 500 gold.
- Its not a ton of money but still a good amount for someone that wants easy in game profit with little to no work.

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Atlantica Guides – Make millions of gold daily with material boxes

Published on January 27, 2009 by admin

- Over at they have a new free guide for players.

- This guide basically is the secret of how to manipulate the market and make millions easily.

- Its going to involve you first of all getting material boxes in the game.

- Then you in turn sell these boxes back to markets.

- However the trick to this is when you sell them.  If you do it right you can make millions based on the server resets.

- If you want to know more about this guide feel free to check it out directly here

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Atlantica Online Guides – Levels 1-15 Levleing Guide

Published on January 12, 2009 by admin

- There is an awesome 1-15 leveling guide at right now.  It is from actually tentom hammer but instead of dealing with clicking on multiple pages its all in one giant page.

- The guide is actually mainly based on how to do the quests.  It shows you step by step as to what mobs to kill and what creatures you have to kill eventually.

- The best part of the guide is going to show you with pictures what mobs to kill and where you must go in the end.  The end mobs are going to be fairys that are relatively easy to kill int he long run.

- Be sure to check it out over at as its just a free signup to see everything they have in the Atlantica online section thats currently free for all.

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Atlantica Online Cheats – Working Server Dupe

Published on January 9, 2009 by admin

- So apparently there are 2 dupes going around in Atlantica Online.

- The first atlantica online cheat is players using the server drop out method.

- Basically just trade some goods to another player right before your server goes down.

- When you log back on you will have all your items you traded plus the person that traded will have the items you traded to them.

- Another dupe out there is not yet told.  It does involve merchants but no one has actually told how its done.

- Be sure to post here if you figured it out.

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Atlantica Online Bots – New Atlantica Bot Released Vs Free

Published on January 7, 2009 by admin

- Many players are curious if the great atlantica online bots out there are worth it.

- Well first of all there is a bot over at that as it stands it currently free for everyone to use.

- This bot has all the hunting and updates needed to make it nearly unstopable.  It kills and does most everything.

- This bot also has the ability to actually use a speed hack to help you do even more damage than you should normally be allowed to in the game.  So you are sure to be able to enjoy that extra little feature.

- Now there is a bot out there at coinmmo which claims to be all high and mighty and an easy to use bot.  However we have some gripes with them.  3 to be exact.

- The first problem is there bot does not have any sense of a support forum so you in turn have no way to get help if its actually sucking other than messaging the owner.

- Secondly the bot seems to pull up a virus window and because of that we have never actually used it.  Yes the bot has a video for it but that doesnt really mean squat to most people.

- Finally the bots developers as you can see barely speak english based on their site so you are not going to be able to get the best typ eof support using that bot.  So its somewhat at your own discreation.

- All those factors can help you decide if its something you think is worth it or not.

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Atlantica Online New Level Cap of 120 Released

Published on January 5, 2009 by admin

- The creators of atlantica online “ndoorsgames” have just released the details of the newest game patch.

- This patch is going to give access to a bunch of new areas, but even better yet they are giving you access to a brand new level cap.

- This new level cap will allow those hardcore players to actually become stronger than they have ever imagine.

- Be sure to check out the bots and macros we have to help you quickly and easily hit level 120 with little to no work.

- Better yet be sure to submit a guide you know of so you may get premium instantly.

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Atlantica Hacks – Speed Hack Program

Published on January 4, 2009 by admin

- There is a new atlantica online hack out there that is actually a speed hack.

- This hack is actually available to members over at

- The hack was created by finding the offsets in the game and manipulating them in such a way that you are able to move much faster than you normally should be able to.

- The hack you need to be sure of to use only at random times and not constantly as it can get you banned.

- Be sure not to use this against other players as you will for sure be reported and have your account removed.

- Check it out in the confirmed section for hacks of atlantica online over at

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Welcome To The Atlantica Online Cheats Hacks and Bots Blog

Published on January 2, 2009 by admin

This is a welcoming to all players looking for atlantica online cheats hacks and bots blog.  This blog is going to help teach members about atlantica online and help direct them to places they will be able to find all the bots and other things they could ever dream of in the game.  So be sure to come back here often as its going to be updated nearly daily.  Enjoy.

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