Atlantica Online Bots – New Atlantica Bot Released Vs Free

Published on January 7, 2009 by admin

- Many players are curious if the great atlantica online bots out there are worth it.

- Well first of all there is a bot over at that as it stands it currently free for everyone to use.

- This bot has all the hunting and updates needed to make it nearly unstopable.  It kills and does most everything.

- This bot also has the ability to actually use a speed hack to help you do even more damage than you should normally be allowed to in the game.  So you are sure to be able to enjoy that extra little feature.

- Now there is a bot out there at coinmmo which claims to be all high and mighty and an easy to use bot.  However we have some gripes with them.  3 to be exact.

- The first problem is there bot does not have any sense of a support forum so you in turn have no way to get help if its actually sucking other than messaging the owner.

- Secondly the bot seems to pull up a virus window and because of that we have never actually used it.  Yes the bot has a video for it but that doesnt really mean squat to most people.

- Finally the bots developers as you can see barely speak english based on their site so you are not going to be able to get the best typ eof support using that bot.  So its somewhat at your own discreation.

- All those factors can help you decide if its something you think is worth it or not.

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4 Responses to “Atlantica Online Bots – New Atlantica Bot Released Vs Free”

  1. ohmy... Says:

    Thx for your comments abt us , which , in some ways, advertised for us!but..
    1 support forum? if the bot works well, you dont really need 1! we have live-chat 24/7!but, to be better, we will make a forum soon.
    2 virus? you dont have common sense! you self explained why you said that! you have not tried our bot! could you plz try it b4 you make comments
    3 your english is so so….

  2. admin Says:

    Ill start form the begining. First of all as for a support forum it not only has to do with the bot but other aspects. Such as members getting reviews from others, an FAQ for setting up the bot, and FAQs for various things relating to the bot. As for the virus part that is due to scans pulling that up. If you want you can always go to for example and have them scan your source to give a better report as to the programs validity. Finally as for my english… Haha im from the united states so im pretty sure my english is correct. Anyways you are more than welcome to post your thoughts. In no way am i defaming you im just giving people a non biased opinion about the bot so they can then judge it.

  3. oh,well... Says:

    i can see you’re from U.S.A. you,being an admin , give me the right of free speech at least! ty!if i was a bit cocky in my last comment,i apologise!
    you said let ppl judge it , i agree! my aphorism is Time will say it!

  4. Mac Says:

    Ahah, your advertising your site on a non-biased opinion and your telling him to give your right to free speach, and his english was 95% correct.
    You got your free speach as a citizen of your country, unless your an illegal immagrant somewhere, lol.
    Now, as a tester of both, I feel as being the one who actually can make a biased opinion, after testng both products I can without a doubt say I like taults bot much better.
    First off, it’s free. Big bonus there? Of course. I hate having to pay for something thats giving me no real benefit. I mean sure I can bot and not have to do the work, but you also fail to see the point to the game, as well as you get no real action and you don’t get to visualize what your characters are doing while you train and level up.
    The tault bot was also alot smoother and much easier to run, I just started it up and went. Don’t get me wrong now, that was the same with the other bot but I had some minor complications with it at the beginning trieng to boot it up.
    As a conclusion, I would like to obviously state that the main bonus bot is the tault bot, it’s free and it does the job. People who feel you should pay for a simplistic product should purchase the secondary bot.

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