Atlantica Online Exploits – Manipulate The Commodity Box For Extra Profit

Published on March 24, 2009 by admin

There is a new atlantica online cheat going out. Atlantica online cheats such as this will allow a player to manipulate the games commodity box for thier own profit. Be sure to check out this Atlantica Cheat if you like cheating in the game.

- The bug first of all has you use a special method on to manipulate the exploit (dont worry its free to view if you sign up as a free member)
- Then you use that box to actually make it show up the items you are after.
- You basically just have to click the box after manipulating it alot and you can make around 500 gold.
- Its not a ton of money but still a good amount for someone that wants easy in game profit with little to no work.

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