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Final Fantasy 14 Gil Guide

Final Fantasy 14 Gil GuideHow do i make a ton of ff14 in game gil?
So i know ffxiv is a new game and i have been enjoying the game a ton. Well now i need a good gil guide to help me get all the gil i need. My biggest problem is there is not enough guides for the game just yet and there are so many options to make gil. What are the best ones out there? Do you have suggestions where i should go for gil? Thanks for the reply i want to stop farming gil so i can start enjoying the major in game quests.

Well here are the best ways you are going to make gil in final fantasy 14 with the least amount of effort possible.

1 – Questing – The game has a ton of in game quests you can do for gil. Best of all a lot of them you can do over and over again. This is great because it will not only give you extra gil, but help you level up as well in the game.

2 – Farming…. Yes i know you might now want to do this but if you find a good drop of a mob that has something a ton of players need to craft then its a surefire way to make some easy cash and help you maybe get some items you need for crafting as well.

3 – Fishing – Fishing is one of the best ways to get gil in the game. It takes some time at first but when you get your skills up there its pretty much one of the easiest ways to make gil in the game. Create an easy bot and its even easier.

Crafting – There is a ton of gil to be made from final fantasy 14 crafting. The reason being is people spend all day finding items they need and if you work your crafting skill up there people will give you gil for being their personal crafter.

Those are the top ways to make gil easily in the game. If you are after ways to make gil that might not be as legit well then be sure to check out taultunleashed as they have tons of in game gil cheats, hacks, and bots to make you able to horde a ton of gil by doing little to no work.

FF14 Minimum / Recommended Requirements – Benchmarked Guide

Maybe you haven’t heard of the new mmo called final fantasy 14 well its going to be pretty much a major successor to the old game ff11. Well the big question most gamers have is if they can play it. Yes there is a minimum requirements of : Windows XP/Vista/7, Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2GHz, 2GB of RAM, 15GB HDD space, NVIDIA GeForce 9600 512MB or ATI Radeon HD 2900 512MB and DirectX 9. However the problem many gamers have is minimun alot of companies will make lower than they should be just to help boost sales for thier game.

When it comes to the recommended requirements sometimes those could be considered the minimum requirements for final fantasy xiv because if you cant play the game smoothly then you are probably going to not have very much fun in choppy areas in the game. So if you want the recommended requirements which are considered by many to be the minimum requirements then you need. Operating System Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit * Processor Intel® Core™ i7 (2.66 GHz) or faster Memory 4 GB or more Storage Install: 15 GB or more Download: 6 GB or more Video NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 with 768 MB VRAM or equivalent Sound DirectSound® compatible sound card (DirectX® 9.0c or higher) Internet Broadband Internet connection Resolution 1280 x 720 or higher; 32-bit DirectX® DirectX® 9.0c Controls Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad.

Now lets go into a little benchmark with someone thats around the recommended requirements and what the game play looks for them. The computer being used is going to be a Quad core 2.9ghz GTS 250 4GB ram 860mhz 1TB HDD 32-bit O/S. The game was recorded with fraps and they where going for a 40 frames per second. This seemed pretty fluid for game play you can see it does still have a few hiccups here and there but that is minimal and its going off of a in game video and not a pre rendered video so thats pretty damn good for showing the game in action.

Well we hope that gives you a good insight to ffxiv minimum and recommended requirements and also what the frames per second you are looking at with a computer around the minimum requirements.

FF14 Begginers Quest Guide

Here is a video of a quest from final fantasy 14 and how you interact with one. You can see you first select from a list of different available quests and you look at the quests requirements and rewards. From there you select the quest and then decide what level of difficulty you want to do because you can select different challenges and include more party members to help you. The quests are also rated in a star form from hardest to easiest.

When you accept the quest then a quick little action is performed and the quests icon is shown on your character. When you are ready for the quest to being you travel to the select area for the quest. Then y u begin doing the quests requirement such as the one shown in the video has you killing multiple mobs. Each time you kill one you get a quick update on completing that part of your quest, but it may differ based on what quest you are participating in completing in the game.

When you have actually completed the quest you will get a little rift or status beacon shown. You then can interact with it. You just have to click on it and then select the quest panel that is shown in the upper right hand side of the selected object. From there the quest log will pop up and you can not only have the quest completed but you get instantly all the perks that are associated with completing the ffxiv quest. Best of all unlike other games you can now get all your rewards right away because you will be given a way to teleport to a variety of different areas in the game. This is one of the best parts of the new questing system because its much more streamlined than before. In the old final fantasy 11 you would have to run all the back to complete the quest but now you can avoid

Anyways thats a quick little beginners questing guide to final fantasy 14. Enjoy.

FF14 Invincibility Mob Exploit While Running

So apparently there is a cheat going around that makes mobs unable to actually detect you in the game. This exploit in a nut shell gives you invincibility when running around in the game because no NPCs or Mobs can detect and attack you in the game.

There isnt a lot of testing going around with this ffxiv exploit but here are some cool things that it could be used with for helping you in the game.

First of all if you are running a final fantasy xiv leveling bot this will help you hunt in the harder to kill areas of the game since you can attack just one mob at a time if it doesnt pull multiple mobs on you.

Secondly this is extremely useful if you want to only pull a final fantasy 14 major mob to you and not get his adds. Just imagine how much easier late game boss fights will be when you can only have the single mob you need to kill come to you and none of his or her minions.

Thirdly this is great for in game ffxiv exploration. Later on in ffxiv its going to get harder and harder to get a good local of all the major places in the game. With this exploit you can now easily travel around the world and not worry about being attacked. This way you can test our new secret paths for getting around, find special areas to attack mobs that put you are near zero risk, and help make a major map of all the areas in the game and what mobs are around those areas.

Now lets get down to how this exploit is done. There is a few different ways people think this is being done. First of all a private server is running, but a private server for final fantasy xiv is very rare to have happened so far as it normally takes months to get a fully working private server up for a game.

The next suggestion is he is using some sort of hack that is injecting into the bet and making it so mobs cant detect him because of their radius, or he is editing his characters size for packets and making him so tiny for a radius that mobs cant see him.

The final way is he somehow found a spell or an item that is bugging the game and allow him to actually be cloaked or unseen by mobs. For example something that makes the ability of mobs to notice you at 50% and he is using it over and over again to exploit the abilities.

Either way this is a giant FF14 Invincibility Mob Exploit While Running in the game and if you want to learn more about ff14 exploits going on be sure to check out

Final Fantasy 14 Fishing Cheat to Fish Anywhere

Here is an awesome new ffxiv exploit going around that will allow you to fish anywhere in the game with little to no work. The best part of this exploit is you dont even have to waste your time now trying to find a good place to fish in the game when you can now do it almost anywhere.

This exploit is going to be all the better when you use a fishing bot with it. Imagine seeing up your fishing bot in a place no one goes to in the game. Then you just set up your bot and start fishing. This will make farming gil all the easier for players like me that dont want to waste hours just to earn some gil so you can advanced to doing the better things in the game.

In the video the creator shows multiple areas being used to fish in the game. This is a great thing because it shows not only is he able to fish in towns, but he can do it in the middle of no where. This will be useful because then you can fish for mobs while you are waiting for a certain spawn in the game for a hard to get item, or maybe you just want to waste some time while you get ready to do a hard core quest with some buddies. Either way this is a great addition to players that want to make easy gil.

The exploit also shows that you actually reel in catches in the game and its not going to just do an instant fail when you try to run it. So the big questions most people want to know is how do you actually do this fishing exploit in the game to help you earn a ton of new and easy gil in the game.

Well those parts are going to be a tad more secretive if you want to know ways to actually do a fishing exploit in the game then be sure to check out

FF14 Lancer Class

Here is a video of the final fantasy Lancer class in action. The perks of the class are the following. First o fall they have a little bit extra when it comes to range for attacking mobs. Which may or may not help you in the field of battle. You can see the player easily moving around the mob via side steeping and attacking them from different angles. The downside seems to be the slowness of the animations for attacking mobs with this class. He seems to have a long delay when it comes to attacking mobs which if they keep things in terms of games where your actions determine your damage then this class might not be used as much.

The lancer class is going to one of the disciples of war in final fantasy 14. The lancer class will be mainly in use of spear like weapons and have a ranged attack in the game. You can get an extra attack against mobs in the game because while you can attack from a distance the mob will have to run up to you. The lancer can also increase other players TP points in the game with their skills. The lancer has the ability to steal HP from other mobs in the game with their special ability. Finally the lancer can do a special move called collusion which it not only attack the enemy but it will give that enemies enmity to an ally that is between you and the enemy.

The lancers weapons are also something for players to fear. They can attack multiple targets at once with different sweep attacks they have. The downside with sweep attacks from the lancer is you can not hit flying enemies with them as they only attack the low parts of your enemies. The lancer can also slow down other enemies with the skewer skill. However this one as well can not hit flying enemies. The best move of the lancer is the feint skill which allows you to be sure of a guaranteed hit with your next attack but you have to dodge an attack from another mob in the game.

Well there is some information for the upcoming lancer class in final fantasy xiv.

Final Fantasy 14 Beginners Leveling Guide

Final Fantasy Beginners Leveling GuideFinal Fantasy 14 Beginners Leveling Guide

FFXIV is in beta right now but in just a few months you’ll get to play the game if you still haven’t been able to. The games official release is going to 9/22 for collectors edition, and on 9/30 if you are getting the basic regular version. The game is very much similar to FFXI, but they have added in a ton of new features to make it even better. Some of the major ones are transportation, easy group finding, more crafting abilities, improved graphics, and best of all a revamping for solo game play.

FFXIV Armoury System

Final fantasy 14 has the ability much like final fantasy 11 that you can switch your jobs, but now you can by simply changing the gear you are wearing. So you can be one second a pugilist then become a thaumaturge and turn into a monster. Or maybe you are bored of fighting and you become a leather worker by just changing your armor. This allows players to stick with only one account and enjoy every class in the game with ease. Something few mmos can say you can do with them.

FFXIV Disciplines

Disciples are basically the classes of final fantasy xiv you can pick between 4 different disciples. war, magic, land, and hand. Each one of these then is broken up into categories. With war you use weapons, so its mainly melee and ranged damage with different weapons in the game. Picking magic of course lets you cast a ton of different in game spells, many you will remember from FFXI and other final fantasy games in the past. With land its considered herbalism and harvesting my many means. You do mining, fishing, ect ect. Finally hand is going to be the equivalent of crafting, but you can do so much more than you could do in previous games. Weaving, cooking, leather working, alchemy, and more.


The races are pretty much the same as FFXI. The world is called eorzea and you multiple races to choose from. Miqo’te (mithra), elezen (elvaan), lalafell (taru-taru), roegadyn (galka), and hyur (Hume). Then once you pick your race you can pick which clan you want to join. They are rivals but many look at them in terms of good and evil.

FFXIV Guildleves

If you want to do a quest in the game then you will select a guildleves. They are split into 3 categories valor, constance, and diligence. You select your guildleves then go out and do a quest thats related to the one you pick. It reminds me a lot of borderlands bounty boards. Its pretty easy to use.

FFXIV Solo Gameplay and Graphics

The solo play is one of the biggest things to be done. With ffxi you had the problem of being forced to quest with friends and if you had none on, or played at odd times then you where stuck with a boring game. This time around they have opened it up more to players that want to play alone. This is a giant plus for many gamers out there that arent very big on the games that force them to party with people. You can still party though for major quests in the game and other ones. Also the graphics seem to be the best for any MMO to date which is great.

WEll hope you enjoyed this final fantasy xiv beginners leveling guide

Final Fantasy XIV Vs WoW Cataclysm

FF14 vs WoW CataclysmWhich will be better world of warcraft cataclysm of final fantasy 14?
I only have so much money so im curious which game is going to be better? Does anyone have an in depth review final fantasy XIV (ffxiv) and a review of wow cataclysm with comparisons of how they are going to be? Also which one do you think will be better based on the style of play and overall enjoyment. Im after the best bang for my buck.

Best answer:
Well when it comes to both games they are going to share some advantages and disadvantages, but before we go into that lets do a quick recap on both games first.

Final Fantasy XIV is an update of final fantasy 11 pretty much. They are going to address all the downsides to ff11 and change some of the game play. The big thing they are going is allowing players to play solo more if they want. The problem with ff11 is upper levels you had to pretty much level with other players or have a horrible grind playing by yourself, which was hell to most players. They also will be upping the game graphics a ton with new spells and features. The game will also have new quests that will instead of just be simple battles, but you actual will develop through the story. The game will have the ability to use some spells while moving int he game.

World of warcraft cataclysm is going to have first of all a brand new layout for levels 1-60 which is considered by many to be the best part of world of warcraft. They are taking the entire games landscape and changing a majority of it. The game will have more races added in there, new content for the game, new mounts, a new level cap, the ability to fly in more areas of azeroths, achievements for your guilds, new battleground content, and new raid content.

When comparing the two the main parts boil down to this.

IF you enjoy final fantasy 11 imagine a version that has some of the new questing features you find in world of warcraft but with a better graphics interface and improvements from ff11.

If you enjoy wow imagine more of the same stuff you enjoyed added in there.

The games are somewhat alike but ff14 will have a more serious graphic style. If you have tried out ff11 then ff14 is for you. If you like wow you can try ff14 but wow will just have more of the same.

Thats going to be the best comparison between the 2 games out there.

Final Fantasy XIV System Requirements To Play

Final Fantasy 14 System RequirementsDoes anyone know what the requirements for FFXIV will be?
I recently say the game and it looks amazing. I have only a 2.8ghz laptop with a build in normal graphics card. My question is will i be able to play it on my laptop? I was able to play final fantasy 11 but im not sure if i meet the final fantasy 14 requirements to play.

Best answer:
Well its not 100% known for sure what the final requirements will be. But i can be pretty sure that you wont be able to play it easily with just that laptop. This is basically in a nutshell going to be the sequel to final fantasy 11 so the odds are against you that its going to require the same amount. The game might play on your laptop but the quality and speed will be very poor.

Id recommend going out and doing 2 things for your laptop. First of all go out and see if you can upgrade to a new graphics card. A lot of laptops out there now have that ability for people to actually find a new graphics card and install it in their laptop easily or they might have to have a specialized do it for them if they are unsure of it. Either way a graphics card might be the biggest thing you can get for your laptop.

The second thing id say you should do is go out and get more ram. You did say what you had but most of the time laptops have only the minimum ram they need. So you’re looking at probably around 1 gig. You might have more but its unlikely. Id say you should go out and get at least 2 gigs 3 gigs if you can as that is normally the max windows 32bit comps can use. Unless you have a 64bit os just use 3 gigs max.

IF you have both of those in your computer you are sure to be able to play final fantasy xiv pretty easily on your new laptop. However you might want to look into buying a desktop as playing on a laptop for a mmo can be power hungry and if you arent at a wall charger your game will end pretty damn quick hah.

Anyways that’s the best bet you have for playing FF14 on your laptop. Any other questions feel free to ask and we can help you figure out other things.

Followup – FFXIV Not Very Likely On Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XI 360 Beta

So the other day we ran a story about how final fantasy 14 might be coming to the xbox 360 according to an interview help the other day. However more light was shed in this mystery as to why the 360 was not announced to be a major player for getting final fantasy 14. Apparently it all boils down to the xbox live gold package.

Apparently Square had this to say about the xbox 360s closed system.

“The main reason why we couldn’t go with Xbox 360 was the Xbox Live system,” Hiromichi Tanaka told Eurogamer. “[Live is] different to the normal internet environment, so when we wanted to introduce this game in the same environment as Windows PC it had to be PS3, so that was our choice.”

Microsoft when asked for a statement said they are still working to get the game on their system.

However unless a lot of money is thrown around this is very doubtfully going to happen.