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Fallout MMO Still In Limbo But Hope Is Out There

Fallout MMO Still In Limbo But Hope Is Out ThereIf you have ever played fallout then you know it was and is one of the greatest games ever. Here is in a nut shell whats going on.

The original creator of fallout, interplay, wants to create a fallout MMO. Bethesda who bought the rights to create the new fallout games is arguing that they own the rights to the game so nothing can be made. Interplay already pissed off Bethesda by releasing a trilogy pack with the original fallout, fallout 2, and fallout tactics.

In court a judge threw out Bethesda request to stop interplay from selling anymore copies of the trilogy and working anymore on the MMO. Also Bethesda dropped an appeal on that injunction which is great news. However the vice president of Bethesda, Pete Hines, stated “That is still ongoing and has not been resolved. It is a minor procedural thing that took place, not a dropping of the lawsuit.”

So no one is quite sure whats going happen, but here’s to hoping a fallout MMO is created and is has all the things we enjoyed from the original. However i am disappointed they followed a 3rd person perspective instead of the original above perspective, but Bethesda proved it can be done so who knows.

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