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Rift Online Battleground BG Bot Released

Rift Online Battleground BG Bot ReleasedOn a great note the first major battleground bot for rift online was released today. The bot has all the bells and whistles you could need for a basic rift battleground bot.

Setting up the rift battleground anti afk bot might take a little bit longer than people are use to with bots. That’s because the bot seems to be very new and very rough around the edges. The bot will have you actually take the time to set things up such as movements in the game and so forth. Once you have those all down you can run the bot relatively easily.

Keep in mind though this bot is going to be somewhat easy at being detected so be sure to follow the directions given to help your character look as if they are not botting but actually playing the game legit.

This bot will have multiple updates as well as time goes on so be sure to check it out and start enjoying playing rift all the more.

Rift Leveling Bots and Farming Bots Review

Rift Leveling and Farming Bots Reviews

With rift being out there have been a few people that are after rift online leveling and farming bots for the game.  Right now you mainly have just a few choices and in this article we will go through thema dn help users decide what they do and do not want for thier botting features.

The first is going to Macrogoblin – Macrogoblin rift leveling bot is going to be one of the least favorable bots out there.  Our review of the macro goblin rift farming bot showed that the bot is very basic.  Its basically just a version of autoit that runs.  The creators you can see clearly meant to just rush something out to get the rush of players in the intial riftr gaming phase and had little to no caring for actual in game botting for the game.

The second one is riftlevelbot – This bot is a total scam so be careful.  The bot has zero information in it and once you pay you get a junk bot that does nothing but takes money from you.  Be careful when purchasing this bot because you are going to be loosing money if you end up buying it.  The creator is clearly someone very shaddy that just wants to steal your money.

The third bot in developement is going to be MMOViper – They have by far the most advanced rift bot.  First of all the bot uses all offsets to work unlike the other two up above which are just scams.  The bot also is going to be able to do everything all other mmoviper bots can do.  Which is set mobs to hunt, skills to use, pathst o travel, routes to use, and more.  The bot is by far the best out there however the bot is in beta still and will be fully released to the public shortly.

There is a good rift review of all the leveling bots out there.  Be sure that you pick one that wont get you scammed and will give you the best botting for your pleasure.  Also remember when you decide what rift bot you want to use make sure you check them out for scams and other things that they have done in the past.  Because there is nothing worse than wasting your rift online money on junk.