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Rift Buggest Tattertwist Exploit

Rift Bugged Tattertwist ExploitHere is an awesome way to get a ton of iron from a bug node in rift online. Here is what you need to do in order to reach this bugged node and get all the loot from it.

– First of all you need to travel to tatter twist.
– Tattertwist is located at 7563 / 6086 in the drought lands
– Once there look for an iron node that you can harvest from.
– Go and harvest the iron node in the game.
– After about 10 minutes you can come back and harvest it all over again.

Now here is how you can make this bugged exploit even better.

– Go online and find a program called autoit
– Create a quick macro using their tutorials or you can custom record one with macro express
– Now set the macro to harvest the node then wait 11 minutes (better than 10 as it gives you a little extra time if there is a problem)
– Run the macro while you are sleeping.
– Wake up to a ton of easy in game look.

This node may or may not be nerfed in the near future so be forewarned about that one. Also keep in mind there have been already a few nodes found to have been bugged in the game so you should be able to enjoy the perks of multiple in game node looting. Remember if you find any of them be sure to post them over at you will not only get a free premium to all the games listed on the site, you can get real cash and prizes as well by just sharing with others.

Rift God Mode Cheat

Rift God Mode CheatThis exploit is going to be nerfed fast if it has not already been done so in the game. It basically makes it so the cleric becomes invincible and can take and solo mob in the game. Those are regular mobs keep in mind, however you can even take some elite mobs easily as well. Here is a step by step guide on how to do the cleric leveling exploit.

– Find a rare planar good vender and not just a npc.
– Purchase the planar essence that will protect you while healing.
– You will need to pay for this item a source shard and some planrite. for a reference look up the gleaming stone seed that you can get in stonefield.
– The greater planar slow will make your heals give a chance to protect a 300 health point healing for over 8 seconds.
– Now use the justicar tree with its ability salvation.
– Salvation will heal you for damage done, it is a cast heal, and it gives you this protection from planar essence.
– In a nut shell while attacking you will get about 2400 healths with this combo.
– This is a giant bug because its not giving you 2400 hp heals since it does 300 by 8 seconds.
– Now here is the best way to exploit this feature in the game.
– Create a soul tree of a shaman 31 justicar 11 druid 0
– The shaman tree will already do a good amount of damage, which is needed for salvation healing to work.
– The shaman also ha sa talent that will increase the healing you receive in the game.
– The justicar will give you an extra 5% damage, the ability to range attack, and the salvation healing and boosts for it.
– The last tree is not needed but helpful for the fearie healing.
– If you want even more you can get the freemarch trinket which will give you even more boosts for using this bug.

SO there you have it. This is pretty much the number 1 invincibility exploit in rift online. Its also giving you a way to easily kill most any pvp player in the game, epic mob, and other mobs. Be sure to keep it a tad underground so it wont be nerfed right away. Also as always this is from which is the number one place for having all this information out there.

Rift Cheats and Exploits For Free Rares and Epics

Rift Mound Cheats Exploits Scarlet GorgeHere is a rift cheat for free rares and epics in the game. The rares and epics are those that are hidden in each zone in the game. The biggest problem is you have a find a secret mound. Which might sound easy to start but every one of them requires you to travel to cray locations in the game with different mounts to reach them. Here is the secret mound in scarlet gorge and how to reach it easily.

To start look at your map as shown in the video and make sure you are in the same area. Its pretty easy to find the area as its at the top right of the screen.

– From there go around the mountain side and up the platforms straight ahead.
– Now use your horse to go around the very side of the map and keep running.
– You can easily get up just finding the small demi patchs that are shown.
– Always try to find grass as normally thats the easiest way to see land you can climb on top of.
– Once you get on the grass then follow the little side path on the mountain side.
– From there you need to just follow the mountain side which is pretty easily in your mount.
– When you reach and area that looks like steps then get out your toon to start jumping to climb as your mount a normally wont do the trick.
– Now one of the hardest parts is a crazy jump as shown in the video around the 2:55 mark be careful.
– Follow these steps for awhile as they will guide you pretty easily in the game.
– This path following in the gorge will be pretty easy to see and be careful at 4:00 as tons of a people tend to fall all the way down by missing it.
– You’ll have a giant open area and need to go right in the video they go right then left then back right which is the correct direction.
– Well the rest is pretty self explanatory in the game. At the top then you can get some rares but a majority of the time you will just get a dink item.

Rift Patch 1.2 Cheats Bugs & Exploits

Rift Patch 1.2 Cheats Exploits Bugs GlitchesSo rift today just released a major patch for the game. This patch is going to not only address some upcoming issues in the game but its planning on fixing a ton of old problems in the game.

The major thing they did that was major is give players the ability to ascend a friend which we have already talked about in another post so please click on that if you are interested in it. Now here are some other things they did. Allowed players to use slivers more. The ability to get a 5th role at the calling trainer. You can do crafting rifts in the game. PvP rewards are better. Bosses have been nerfed to make them give out more proper rewards. The auction house has been improved. Finally facebook has been added.

Now lets get to the real meat that people are curious about. Well when it comes to major nerfs in the game. First of all bots and hacks for rift patch 1.2 have not really been touched at all. They changed spells some so they have been easily fixed and updated for the game. Some exploits where nerfed. Mainly they where major farming spots that allowed players to kill certain mobs over and over again for easy loot in the game. The ones fixed where widely known and not the ones under sites like taultunleashed. They also did find a way to nerf some traveling bugs that would let you get to certain areas in the game you weren’t suppose too.

So for things that they didnt nerf are the following. They ways to move and equip items you shouldnt. Dome special spawn spots in the game which pleases me greatly as i have been using them a lot. Really any hacks or bots in the game. They talked about their own wow warden coming but that hasn’t been seen yet by any of the releases they have done.

Overall this patch just seemed to nerf a few things but mainly the rift patch 1.2 seems to have opened the door for more cheats bugs exploits bots and hacks to be created in the game.

Major Rift Plat Exploit Discovered

There is a major rift online exploit that has been discovered. It allows you to easily get over 25 plats an hour. The exploit is done by exploiting a popular dungeon in the game. What you do is kill the boss and then the boss will bug out and you can continue killing all the extra mobs there. These special mobs are easy to kill and are on an instant respawn which is awesome.

Each of the mobs will be dropping a ton of different loot and a few rares on them too. Best of all with all the loot they drop you can easily sell it in the game for a ton of in game plat. All you need to do is trade some of the items easily, sell some easily, and collect the extra coins the drop from this area.

On average players are getting around 20 to 25 plat per hour just using this exploit over and over. Best of all no one really knows about it so players are actually able to farm tons of in game plat her hour. Some players have even started making simple bots that are killing these mobs and taking care of all the backpack management for this. Just imagine how much plat you can make if you just run this simple bot overnight and start collecting all the great loot from it. In an easy ten hours of using this exploit you should be able to easily amass more than 200 plats. So basically you can do anything now in the game ha.

So im sure now you want to know how you can have this plat exploit. Well its pretty easy. Its for all members of

Just go to the site and create an account. You can easily get premium there too by just sharing stuff, helping members, or being an overall active member of the community. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some awesome RIFT Exploits by using things such as this rift platinum making exploit.

Rift Planes of Telara Best Cheat Guide For Soul Points

Whats the best rift planes of telara best cheat guide for more points in the game?

Well that is an easy answer for any player out there. It is going to be using the website taultunleashed. The reason being is taultunleashed actually has everything thats major out there. Instead of just having maybe a few items in the game you can have tons of items. Instead of just using one quickly put together junk guide, you can use one of the best guides out there to date. Taultunleashed has all that and more. Here are some major cheats that taultunleashed has had working or still are working.

– The ability to take your weapons that should be two handed and put them in a one handed slot.
– Multiple instant spawn locations to help you horde tons of in game loot or get a great amount of experience easily.
– Ways to bug rifts so you are getting way more points for helping in the rift than you actually did.
– Ways to have temporary invincibility for pvp to help you dominate in the game.

Those are just 4 items that have come and gone over at taultunleashed. You can waste your time trying to find a so called online guide and use them, but you will not get anything that is ever updated. Instead you will just get a guide that is rarely updated and be out more than 30 dollars on something you never really needed or wanted.

Even better taultunleashed has dozens upon dozens of guides. You will have all those guides for rift online. From leveling guides, to quest guides, to ways to dominate in the game.

Still not convinced that taultunleashed is the best place for rift planes of telara cheats well keep this in mind. Your membership at taultunleashed will give you access to everything thats put out. Not just one game but all games. So if you are after the best rift cheat guide for souls and more points then taultunleashed is it.

Rift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating Guide

Rift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating GuideRift Defiant Leveling and Gold Cheating Guide

Here is going to be a quick recap of all the major defiant leveling guides and cheats out there, and rift defiant gold guides and cheats that you can currently use.  The defiant is one of the 2 sides in rift online you can pick from.  The other is the guardians.  The defiant you could classify as the horde in world of warcraft and the alliance would be the guardians.  Anyways back to what are the major defiant level and gold cheats and guides out there.

Rift Defiant Leveling Guides and Secrets

The first major one is going to be ways to use a secret for artifacts in the game.  This used correctly will help you easily level in the game with little to no work on your part.  The next leveling guides out there that are major are the true leveling guides that you can find over at taultunleashed here is their rift defiant guide leveling section.  Some other big ones for the defiant are ways to use crystals to give you extra boosts most players don’t know about.  Ways to help you complete your defiant daily’s faster, and finally ways to use your attributes correctly when it comes to leveling.

Rift Defiant Leveling Cheats and Exploits

The major defiant leveling cheats and exploits in the game that you can use to help you are the following.  Ways to exploit rogues to give you full health instantly in the game easily.  Bug out your soul specs so you can use multiple soul spec abilities in the game.  Defiant spawn spots for mobs that you can kill over and over again to get yourself in game xp very quickly.

Rift Defiant Gold Guides and Secrets

The major gold guide sand secrets for the defiant in rift online are using rifts to drop extra items you can sell in the game.  Ways to build your classes far stronger than they should be, and the best quests in the game and how you can complete them for even more in game gold.

Rift Defiant Gold Cheats and Exploit

The major defiant gold cheats and exploits are going to be the following.  Get extra rewards for completing rifts in the game.  Killing mobs in the fire quest that give you extra gold in the game.  Teleport in the game to help you get to spots that you can farm mobs far more easily for extra in game gold.  Camping mob spawns that give extra high amounts of in game loot and more.

Anyways those are all the major things out there for the defiant side in rift online.  If you want to learn more in depth about any of these then be sure to go check out taultunleashed because they have all this and more on their site.

Rift Gold Dupe Cheat

Rift Gold Dupe Cheat

There is currently a demi gold dupe out in rift online.  This gold dupe allows you to almost instantly amass a ton of gold in the game.  What the gold dupe does is it finds a way so players can with little to no work on their part farm a ton of gold in the game and in the long run be pretty much set.  Well now that we have given you a little introduction lets talk about this gold dupe and how you actually get this rift cheating guide working.

For starters you have to find a specific mob in the game.  Keep in mind we are not going to give you the mobsname because its a secret that only players can learn more about over at taultunleashed for all their rift gold dupes.  Now whats special about this games mob is it does not hav ea normal spawn cycle like most mobs in rift online.  This mob is on whats called an instant spawn.  To see an instant spawn in action you just hav eot kill the mob.  Once the mob is dead he will then auto respawn within a few seconds to let you fight him all over again.

So now the way you exploit these auto spawning mobs is you find ones that drop items that be sold for gold in the game.  This particular mob actually drops an item that sells for around 10 gold in rift online.  So you just keep on killing him over and over again and colleting this item for a ton of in game gold.  However now you can take it even one step farther…

What you do now is set up an auto killing script or bot as many would call it.  With this rift online bot you can set it to contantly kill this one mob onver and over again and then start looting the stuff he drops.  The best time to run this is either when you are in the same room with your comptue rand eating something, or maybe you are sleeping and you have it set up to make a beeping sound whenever someone comes near.

So after you have found the instant spawn mob, made sure he drops something that be sold for gold, and set up a rift macro to run over night.  You should be able to wake up with a ton of rift in game gold and eventually be totally set for having all the rift online gold you can handle with this rift gold dupe.

For more in depth on rift online stuff be sure to come check out