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Best Rift Online Beastmaster Tank Build Guide

Best Rift Online Beastmaster Tank Build GuideWhats the best beastmaster tank build guide for rift online thats current out there?

Im looking for a great build for beastmasters in rift online. I cant seem to find very much out there so i thought i would make a post and hopefully someone knows of a good place to find them or knows where they are. I have been looking around in the skill tree and i know that beastmasters can be a great tank but i just need someone to offer me some more insight as to what the best beastmaster guide is in the game. Thanks.

Well to start you should know that a beastmaster is not going to be great for being a tank in the game. Most players think that just because they have pets and some of them serve as a pseudo tank that they will be a great tanking class when it comes to playing in the game, but thats wrong.

The pet is more like that of someone who plays as a ranger of maybe a elementalist in the game. Which means that you use your pet to help distract mobs into attacking them in the game. Then this gives you the chance to actually use your beastmasters true skills to get a killing blow on the mob you are fighting in the game.

Now when it comes to actually finding great builds for rift online you have 2 major options. The first is checking out taultunleashed and viewing their guide section for rift online. They have tons of guides. Or if they don’t have the guide you are after then you can go to the request a guide section of the site and ask other players to share with you their builds they are using in rift online.

Another major thing you should know that when it comes to the beastmaster class things are going to be changing a lot. With the release of the latest patch tons of new tiers of armor have changed everything in the game. Just look at the new tier 2 armor they have coming out and you can see its going to be a major problem in the game.

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Rift Total Class Combinations / Max

Question by michey: How Many class bomincations are there total in rift online?
I am planning on getting rift onlien by trion but i was curious of the total amount of class comingations that are in the game. Aka the max amount of rift combinations you can get.

Best answer:
Well to start you can pick 4 different class in the game rift online.
Of The 4 classes they each have 8 sub classes.
Of the 8 subclasses you can pick 2 different subclasses of those.
One you pick your subclasses you can pick a talent tree that has 3 total choices.

In comparison to world of warcraft you have 10 classes to pick from and 3 talent trees for each class in the game.

So to start you do 4 times 8 so a total of 32 options there. Then 32 times 2 which is a total of 64 options. Now you do 64 times 3 which gives you a total of 192. So in total you have 192 different options in rift online to choose from. World of warcraft has only 30 different total types of characters you can pick from.

So in total rift online has more than 6 times as many class combinations than a major game such as world of warcraft. The biggest problem you might have is picking what class combination you actually want since you have so many options to go from.

If you are after more in depth guides when it comes to rift online leveling guides then be sure to come check out as they have pretty much everything out there for rift online.

Rift Plat Guide For 1500 Platinum Per Day

There is an amazing way players are making over 1500 rift plats per day right now. Its not even with any cheats in the game. Most players would think this is impossible and you cant possibly do it without either cheating or using some type of program to help you do it. Well those players are wrong. This is being done by players right now in rift online if you want to view the full way they are doing it then just click the link at the end of this blog post.

Players are doing this by investing their time into rift online and manipulating the auction house for their own personal uses. On average a player will make around 500 platinum per day but you can easily get up to 1500 plat per day if the conditions are right in the game world.

First of all you will need to select a special profession in the game which will allow you be able to easily do it. The professions you can choose from are CENSORED CONTENT CLICK HERE. Once you select the professions you will need to buy a few select items from a merchant. The stuff needed is CENSORED CONTENT CLICK HERE.

Now what you need to do is find a ton of mobs for that profession we talked about earlier. Its pretty easy to do just travel to CENSORED CONTENT CLICK HERE and you can get all the items you need easily.

Another great way is to actually buy those items easily from a easy spot in the game. You can get them pretty cheaply. Then use your special abilities we talk about earlier to make the items that are discussed near the top of this post. Once you do that you can make around 400 platinum easily. It will require you to spend about 20 plats of your own money to reach that amount, but that is only if you dont want to spend time with the stuff talked about earlier to make easy play.

Well anyways thats the best way you can make 1500 platinum easily in rift online per day. You can do it by using your own rift plats or just farming a few select items in the game easily.

Rift Secret Guide For Cairn of Valta Cliffswind

Here is a secret way for you to easily get to the cairn of valta cliffswind. First of all you need to go on your map and find the coordinates of 4564 and 5084 in stonefield. Make sure you are pretty much exactly at these cords as its very important to helping you reach cairn of valta cliffwind easily in the game.

From there get on a mount the example one shown is a turtle which works perfectly for this trek. Youll know you are doing it correctly because you are sorta on the top of a hill while climbing up the mountain side in the game. You shouldnt have to do this very long. Keep in mind you need to stay at the very top of the little hill as shown in the video if you want to be doing this correctly.

Near the top of the climb you should be able to get off the little hill and onto the brown dirt road as you can see int he video at 0:24. Now follow that dirt road until you come up to the bright green patch. From there take a left and go up the mountain side. Aim for the bright green patch you can see now.

When you hit the bright green patch go straight and you should come up to another bright green patch. Keep jumping until you can finally get up a cliff and reach the other green patch.

Now just follow that green patch on up and you will reach the Cairn of Valta Cliffswind easily. If you are after other rift online secrets for the game then be sure as always to check out taultunleashed for the cream of the crop.

Rift Planes of Telara Best Cheat Guide For Soul Points

Whats the best rift planes of telara best cheat guide for more points in the game?

Well that is an easy answer for any player out there. It is going to be using the website taultunleashed. The reason being is taultunleashed actually has everything thats major out there. Instead of just having maybe a few items in the game you can have tons of items. Instead of just using one quickly put together junk guide, you can use one of the best guides out there to date. Taultunleashed has all that and more. Here are some major cheats that taultunleashed has had working or still are working.

– The ability to take your weapons that should be two handed and put them in a one handed slot.
– Multiple instant spawn locations to help you horde tons of in game loot or get a great amount of experience easily.
– Ways to bug rifts so you are getting way more points for helping in the rift than you actually did.
– Ways to have temporary invincibility for pvp to help you dominate in the game.

Those are just 4 items that have come and gone over at taultunleashed. You can waste your time trying to find a so called online guide and use them, but you will not get anything that is ever updated. Instead you will just get a guide that is rarely updated and be out more than 30 dollars on something you never really needed or wanted.

Even better taultunleashed has dozens upon dozens of guides. You will have all those guides for rift online. From leveling guides, to quest guides, to ways to dominate in the game.

Still not convinced that taultunleashed is the best place for rift planes of telara cheats well keep this in mind. Your membership at taultunleashed will give you access to everything thats put out. Not just one game but all games. So if you are after the best rift cheat guide for souls and more points then taultunleashed is it.

Rift Planes Of Telara Four Main Classes

Question: What are the four main classes in rift plans of telara?
I have been thinking about starting to play the new rift game that came out but i was hoping to get some more info on it. The main thing I’m curious about are the four main classes they have. I’m curious what they are and how they interact.

Is it basically a warrior, archer, mage, healer type of system where you are dependent on each class, or is it more spread out where you can pick what you want to do in rift. I know it might be an odd question but I’m pretty curious just because i don’t want to joint he game if its really watered down and doesn’t have much variety to it. I have played other games in the past such as age of conan and found it to be rather bland and mundane to play. So anyways what are the major classes in rift?
Warrior, Rogue, Mage, or Cleric?

Here are the four main classes in rift online and what each one has in its pros and cons.

Rift Warriors – The warriors are the most hand to hang type of combatant in the game. With the warrior you can split this class in multiple sub classes which are champions, reavers, paladins, warlords, paragons, riftblades, void knights, and beastmasters. If you like fighting hand to hand and being a true tank then the warrior class is for you.

Rift Clerics – The clerics are the support class in the game. The sub classes are: purifiers, inquisitors, sentinels, justicars, shamans, wardens, druids, and cabalists. They are best for players that like buffing allies and healing others.

Rift Rogues – The rogue class is the stealthy class in the game. The sub classes are: nightblades, rangers, blade dancers, assassins, riftstalkers, marksmen, saboteurs, and bards. They are best for players that like to be well balanced and have the ability to attack from a distance or in the shadows.

Rift Mages – The mages are the ultimate class in strength but weak when it comes to taking damage. The sub classes are: elementalists, warlocks, pyromancers, stormcallers, archons, necromancers, dominators, and chloromancers. They are best for players that like to deal a lot of damage from afar.

Those are the four main classes in rift with their sub classes. You can determine now what type of class is best for you. Keep in mind rift is by far one of the most balances mmos out there.

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Rift Automatic Groupings Guide

Question By Jeffley: Does anyone know of a guide for rift on automatic groupings? I want to play rift with a feature that wow had that lets you automatically join groups in the game. This is very important when it comes to doing the harder end game dungeons, and getting certain quests completed that require multiple people in the game. It sucks that im being forced to post over and over again int he world chat box. While yes this can help me eventually find a group for questing, players who aren’t viewing that chat will never find me. So anyways does anyone know of a rift automatic groupings guide.

Best Answer By Tault
When you are doing a zone quest you can join groups easily. Best of all you wont even need to ask the group leader of that zone quest. You can just auto join. This is one of the best features of risk that people think will start being abused very soon, but currently it is not. The best way to do this is find a player thats in a group. Then click on that player and you will see a photo of their account. Now you can see above their head a small join group button. Then just click on the group and you can easily join it and start gaining all the perks for that zone. Keep in mind while some quests might not have this feature the majority of risks quests do have this feature which is something tons of players are happy about and is actually helping to improve the game.

If you are after more rift guides be sure to come check out taultunleashed for all the latest rift premium guides out there.

Rift Bard Guide On Attacks

Rift Bard Attacks GuideWhat are the types of attack rift bards do and is there a guide on these attacks and how palyers are doing them?

Im pretty new to rift and i only played a few differnet classes in the game however i never tried out the rift bard class in the game.  The rift bard reminds me of the old days of playing final fantasy 2 so im pretty interested in playing one.  The one concern i have is i dont know of any guides on the rift bard class and how to use them as bards i have heard can be a pain to use.  Does anyone hav ea guide on the rift bards and the best ways for them to be utilized in the game.  Also does anyone have information on the rift bards class.

Best answer:

Well first of all when you are using a bard you need to know that they are not your average bard like you might of played in previous games.  First fo all the attacks you bard will do are going to be using weapons.  They will not be int eh form of songs.  Now buffs and enhancements used will work on your character and give bonuses to your weapons.  Bards could actually be looked at more in terms of a rogue even though they are called bards.

Bards use spells to either help allies in the battle, or help do things to enemies such as poison and stun in the game.  The bards do have tons of buffs and debuffs, but only a small amount of ways to help.  A big downside to the bard class is they do not do a ton of damage in the game.  Bards are like healers just without really the ability to heal players easily in the game.  If you are looking for a player to help support others you should go with a healer instead of a bard.  However if you love to join in big battles and want to be the player that helps buff your team mates and debuffs the opponents / mobs then a bard is perfect for you.

So in a nut shell bards are not really able to attack with songs but they do buffs and debuffs with them.  Bards are also bad at healing and attack so they are not well rounded for players that want to go out and start killing everything in the game solo.

Rift Defiant and Guardian Leveling Guides

Rift Defiant and Guardian Leveling GuidesRift Defiant and Guardian Leveling Guides

Here is one of the worlds top games when it comes to leveling, and you’re going to need to know all the leveling guides and secrets to help you become unstoppable.  Here is some quick tips for leveling your account in rift online.

Do The Low Level Quests

Well its best to start out doing the small quests you are first given of course.  This is good because it will help you familiarize yourself with the game and the way its played.  Then as you get up there in your level using a leveling guide should make things much easier for you.

Try To Group As Many Quests Together As You Can

Rift online has the game set up so you can take multiple quests at once.  Whats nice about this is some quests are actually combined in the places you need to do.  So maybe you have a quest in one area that ahs you find a certain item, but as well there is another quest that wants you to kill a special mob.  If you take all the quests you can at each area you can try to find which ones you can group together to help you level all the faster in the game.

Don’t Waste Your Time On The Harder Quests

It seems with rift online the majority of the games harder quests aren’t worth your time.  While they might give you a better reward and xp in the game it still wont be wroth it.  You can complete 3 easy quests by the time you finish one hard quest and in the long run you would have done the easy quests faster and gotten more xp from completing the easy quests in the game.  So try to avoid the harder quests if you can.

The Best Place For Rift Online Leveling Guides

The best place out there for rift online leveling guides has to be at they have more guides when it comes to leveling in rift online than any other site out there.

Here is a direct link to taultunleashed and another direct link to the rift online guides and cheats section for the site.

Taultunleashed kills the competition because you not only get all their rift online leveling guides but leveling guides to all the major rift online leveling guides.  They even have cheats, bots, hacks, dupes, and more for rift online.  So while you can waste your time with just one simple guide somewhere else.  You can get everything at taultunleashed.