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Rift Secret Guide For Cairn of Valta Cliffswind

Here is a secret way for you to easily get to the cairn of valta cliffswind. First of all you need to go on your map and find the coordinates of 4564 and 5084 in stonefield. Make sure you are pretty much exactly at these cords as its very important to helping you reach cairn of valta cliffwind easily in the game.

From there get on a mount the example one shown is a turtle which works perfectly for this trek. Youll know you are doing it correctly because you are sorta on the top of a hill while climbing up the mountain side in the game. You shouldnt have to do this very long. Keep in mind you need to stay at the very top of the little hill as shown in the video if you want to be doing this correctly.

Near the top of the climb you should be able to get off the little hill and onto the brown dirt road as you can see int he video at 0:24. Now follow that dirt road until you come up to the bright green patch. From there take a left and go up the mountain side. Aim for the bright green patch you can see now.

When you hit the bright green patch go straight and you should come up to another bright green patch. Keep jumping until you can finally get up a cliff and reach the other green patch.

Now just follow that green patch on up and you will reach the Cairn of Valta Cliffswind easily. If you are after other rift online secrets for the game then be sure as always to check out taultunleashed for the cream of the crop.

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