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StarCraft 2 Exploit – Zerg with Battlecruisers and Carriers

Here is an amazing exploit for starcraft 2 that allows your zerg class to use battle cruisers and carriers. Now some people might say this is game mechanics but there have been arguments that the zerg should not be able to take control of units like this. Basically the cheat is going to have your zerg infestor which has the ability to take over enemy units (mind control), use it on a svc or drone.

Then you just use them to build a nexus or command center. Keep in mind it can be pretty painful using a SVC based on how they always seem to break the mind control and go off to do their own thing. Once you get the command center or nexus built you just go your normal path for building up to get battlecruisers and protoss carriers. Remember that it can take some time but in the video you can see a mothership protecting 4 battle cruisers, 4 carriers, and 4 ultralisks. Its pretty much unstoppable.

Now the arguement to this is you are suppose to do this or is it a bug in the game. Some players have been saying this is intentional just like they had in starcraft 1. However there has been a lot of uproar how players should not be able to actually build enemy structures but merely mind controlling a drone or SVC. What do you think about this?

Is it just the game playing like it should (which is giving the zerg a giant boost for winning with something so easily to do)?

Or is it an exploit in the game that blizzard is yet to patch and should be taken care of asap?

Well we will let you decide but never the less we did include a nice little video for you to watch that shows it in actions and how easy it is to do. Just imagine how great this will be when playing the zerg single player campaign. Also this seems WAY easier than the old method in starcraft 1 where you had to infest an entire building just to take it over that could be a pain to do at times.

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Starcraft 2 Infinite Minerals | Money Hack

Here is an awesome cheat for how you can have infinite amounts of money in starcraft 2 game of tower defense.  While this seems to only work playing tower defense right now.  This is a great sign that the game will have other bugs in it so for anyone that wants to cheat in the game.

Well without further waiting here is how you do the cheat in the game.

1) Wait for your stats on any of your turrets to hit 5 Maximum.
2) Pause the game.
3) Hit the tab button until you get three plus (+) sign boxes (these are for upgrading a stat) that are highlighted.
4) Max sure your upgrade button belongs to a max stat.
5) Now when you have the upgrade plus symbol highlighted with a yellow box hit the space bar/
6) If you did this correctly the term max will change to one of the following [i] [NN%] [0]
7) Your cash value will change to NN Which is invincibility.
8) Make sure you keep pressing tab as a trick to make sure one of those are highlighted.
9) Once you have the part that says [i] highlighted press tab once and you’ll have damage highlighted.
10) Press it again and you will have the fire rate and target highlighted.
11) If you highlight it the 3rd time then the range is highlighted.

Remember this is just a simple check or hack that will allow you to own online custom games they have. Now this means that they might have some other bugs in starcraft 2 that should allow you to own most any player in the game easily. Now since this one is going to be done on non official games your account more than likely is safe from being banned for example. Now if you are after more single player cheats, bots, hacks, dupes, guides and more then you need to check out taultunleashed as they have all the major things you could want in order to have the upper hand during any game. Just image removing the fog of war and knowing exactly where your opponents are and what they are going to do. This is a great example of the major cheats over at Anyways enjoy the cheat

Stracraft 2 Single Player Game Cheats and Exploits

Stracraft 2 just like all major games released for the pc gaming community.  That is the single player game comes with a giant list of in game cheats to help you win instantly or help you just turn the title a bit in your gaming experience.  Remember these are mainly for players that just want to get a little extra depth in their single player game but these cheats are still going to help you win.  The following list are things you can type in the game then hit enter for the different effects

Medieval man – Instantly upgrade all your technology
something for nothing – instantly upgrade all your units for free.
the gathering – gain infinite amount of energy
game over man – instantly lose the match you are playing.
there is no cow level – instantly win the match.
power overwhelming – have all your units become invincible
war aint what it used to be – remove all of the games fog of war
breathe deep – Gain a quick 500 vespene gas.
food for thought – Remove all food and PSI requirements for you.
ophelia – select any games level (note after enterin the text you need to hit enter and select your level again)
staying alive – play past the screen of victory and just keep on playing the game.
what mine is mine – gain an extra 500 in game minerals.
radio free zerg – start playing zerg music.

Those are just a few of the many in game chat commands that have been found so far in the game. Keep in mind we are sure more will be found out in time so be sure to share them here so we can make the list of stracraft 2 cheats and exploits for the single player game all the better.

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