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Starcraft 2 Hacks – What all is out there?

Starcraft 2 Hacks GuideIf you are like most players you always want to win. Well with starcraft 2 hacks you can do just that. The problem with using sc2 hacks is at times you aren’t sure if you are at a site with working hacks or just installing a trojan on your computer to steal your information. Well we will go through the sites to get hacks from and what all is out there currently.

Currently players have found a few major hacks in the game and the first one is the no fog hack. What this hack does is it totally removes the fog of war that most players have to deal with when they start a game. It does this from a a very special hack in the game. When you use the no fog hack it allows you o see everything out there and gives you an extra advantage on your opponent. Because if you know what they are planning on doing you can easily get prepared to stop it.

The second major hack out there is called a sc2 trainer or starcraft 2 bot. The first one allows you to create a custom games and set up different variables. So it will allow you to for example have 5000 minerals instantly in any single player game. This is great because it makes playing your opponent all the easier and helps you to decide what the best strategy there is for winning a match. The second one is a starcraft 2 bot which gives you the ability to let the computer play for you. So for example lets say you build the perfect defense and now you want to know what the next step you should take is going to be. Well you just let this starcraft 2 bot play for you and in turn the game will show you what the best move for any player out there is and how to win.

The final hack out there is going to be actual in game mineral hacks. With these hacks you exploit code in a custom map and in turn use it to your advantage. Example is for tower defense there is a hack out there that allows you to change your damage, change you speed of attack, and change your range. With this you have a giant leg up on the competition because you are piratically in god mode now. You dont have to worry about them being able to fight back at all with this set up.

Now we said earlier we would tell you the best place to find hacks. The majority of sites out there are scams so you need to watch out. What they do is take a working cheat, manipulate it to put a trojan in it, then they offer it for download on their site. Then when you just want an advantage and you check out the site you are instead stuck with malice code on your computer. The only major starcraft 2 hacking site out there is going to be taultunleashed. They have the largest database of starcraft 2 hacks a player could ever need to use.

Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide Review / Comparison – Scam or Not?

Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide Review / Comparison - Scam or Not?Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide Review / Comparison – Scam or Not?
Here is a review of starcraft 2 mastery guide. It will help you figure out if the guide is a scam or not and also will give you a comparison versus the number 1 starcraft 2 guide site out there, Taultunleashed. Now you can easily decide which guide you want to go with based on multiple aspects. In this comparison we are going to be looking at what each guide gives you, what the credentials of the sites are, how long the sites have been around, what perks you get for joining, and how much it costs to join. After reading the following you should be able to decide what site is the best when it comes to your starcraft 2 gaming style and helping you become a starcraft 2 master in the game.

Review of Cataclysm Gold Secrets Guide
– This guide gives you 1v1, 2v2, build orders, hot key tricks, and weakness for all races.
– The author has been playing since beta.
– The guide shows you how to things via pdf guides and videos.
– This site has been around since june 2010 and says to give you updates for life.
– With this site you get no extra guides.
– This guide costs 37 dollars.
Cataclysm Gold Secrets Guide Final Score 6 out of 10

Review of TaultUnleashed
– This guides gives you all of the above plus sc2 bots, cheats, exploits, hacks, and other guides.
– This site has tons of starcraft 2 members that have been playing since beta.
– Taultunleashed shows you how to do things from guides, videos, forum posts, pdfs, live chat, and more.
– The taultunleashed company has been around since 2001 and is updated daily with new information.
– You get Starcraft 2 bots, hacks, leveling guides, macros, question guides, access to, and access to all supported games.
– This site you can join for 8.99 , and join for free by sharing information.
Taultunleashed Final Score 9 out of 10

Well i hope that gives you a good idea where you should go when it comes to getting all your starcraft 2 guides. Whether it be rushing guides, strategy guides, mineral guides, or whatever type of guide it is you can now know where to get it and whats the best. Also feel free to keep checking back at for new things relating to sc2 in how we can help you with your sc2 strategy guides, exploits, and more.

Starcraft 2 Newbie / Noob Guide for the Basics

Starcraft 2 Newbie / Noob Guide for the BasicsStarcraft 2 Newbie / Noob Guide for the Basics

Here is a nice little guide to help players that are new to the game on how they can use this information to help them better their game. Yes you have a ton of different strategies when you play sc2 that is part of what makes it amazing and has given sc1 a strong following still. The game many compare to playing chess based on all the counters. Well this little strategy guide is going to help you understand some of the basics of the game and give you more insight to the main game.

The 3 races are the zerg, protoss, and terran. The zerg is the most populated race, and they have numbers everywhere. The zergs main ability is to use numbers to overcome their foes and using chemicals to not only damage their foes but make them submit to their will as well.

The protoss is the most technological race of the 3. With not only have shields on most every unit. They have a tech that goes far above that of the humans and the zerg. They have also mastered the ability to teleport their units around the world and game maps.

The terran is considered the merging of the zerg and protoss. The Terran also starts with units that can attack bot air and land. Also they have the best defense against rushing attacks since their supply depots can drop down so they can just put them in front of their base entrance. Also they can fly around the map. The terrans also can do the most damage at end game with the ability to call in nuclear strikes on opponents.

When you start a round in stracraft 2 you are going to need minerals which are in the form of crystal deposits. They account for the majority of the needs to build items in the game. The other type is going to be that of Vespene gas which is usually required for second tier and more advanced units. Also you will be required to build units/structures to help you build more when you hit a unit cap.

When you being a game you will have a home building (hive, nexus, or command center) with a number of base units to start harvesting minerals for your base. With these units you build more advanced buildings and units.

The main purpose of all matches is to defeat your opponent by building a stronger army and destroying their army. While on pen it sounds easy some games can last for an hour due to how balanced this game. What separates this game from others is how everything has a counter so no matter what race you play, there is going to be an advantage and a disadvantage for everything you do.

Well there is a basic understanding of the game. For more guides, hacks, cheats, and more check out taultunleashed the number one place for starcraft 2 hacks

Starcraft 2 Harvest 7,000 Minerals In 30 Seconds

Here is a fun little video most players might enjoy. Its of a player that acquires so many svcs that he can harvest 7,000 minerals in only 30 seconds. Its actually pretty easy how he did this. Also no he did not actually do this in a game that was legit as that’s nearly impossible to do.

The first method for how he did this was just creating a custom game with one of the starcraft 2 beta hacks for single player games and just built his stats up there. Its not to hard to get a free sc2 beta account going. Just download it from your average torrent site. Then install the game on your computer. Run the hack and you instantly now have the ability to actually play the game. Yes you cant play against people on battle net of course but its still awesome being able to play against the computer and see just how the game is currently working.

The second method might be he is just using the game creator. Starcraft 2 has a built in game creator allowing you to edit a ton of things for the game. You can now create your own game in a variety of formats. From creating a true FPS. To creating the entire diablo 2 game all over again in a higher resolution. You can now do all that and more with the new starcraft 2 editor. He more than likely just edited his config file to have this show up and voila instant sc2 gaming.

Well its nothing special but a really cool feat to watch. Just to think that someones computer can handle that easily and not crash the game, means blizzard really took their time this time around to make sure you can still play this game on almost any system out there. Well get ready because in the next 2 weeks the game is going to arrive for us all to enjoy.

Starcraft 2 Infinite Minerals | Money Hack

Here is an awesome cheat for how you can have infinite amounts of money in starcraft 2 game of tower defense.  While this seems to only work playing tower defense right now.  This is a great sign that the game will have other bugs in it so for anyone that wants to cheat in the game.

Well without further waiting here is how you do the cheat in the game.

1) Wait for your stats on any of your turrets to hit 5 Maximum.
2) Pause the game.
3) Hit the tab button until you get three plus (+) sign boxes (these are for upgrading a stat) that are highlighted.
4) Max sure your upgrade button belongs to a max stat.
5) Now when you have the upgrade plus symbol highlighted with a yellow box hit the space bar/
6) If you did this correctly the term max will change to one of the following [i] [NN%] [0]
7) Your cash value will change to NN Which is invincibility.
8) Make sure you keep pressing tab as a trick to make sure one of those are highlighted.
9) Once you have the part that says [i] highlighted press tab once and you’ll have damage highlighted.
10) Press it again and you will have the fire rate and target highlighted.
11) If you highlight it the 3rd time then the range is highlighted.

Remember this is just a simple check or hack that will allow you to own online custom games they have. Now this means that they might have some other bugs in starcraft 2 that should allow you to own most any player in the game easily. Now since this one is going to be done on non official games your account more than likely is safe from being banned for example. Now if you are after more single player cheats, bots, hacks, dupes, guides and more then you need to check out taultunleashed as they have all the major things you could want in order to have the upper hand during any game. Just image removing the fog of war and knowing exactly where your opponents are and what they are going to do. This is a great example of the major cheats over at Anyways enjoy the cheat