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SC2 Best Top Rushes For Protoss Zerg and Terran

Brady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review ScamBrady Games Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review Scam or NotSC2 Best Rushes For Protoss Zerg and Terran

What is a Starcraft 2 Rush?

A rush in starcraft 2 has one goal in mind.  Its to help you beat your opponent to the ground before you both have a equal build up of units to fight it out.  Rushes in starcraft 2 not only will catch your opponent off guard at times, but it helps to limit their starting resources to give you an advantage in the long run.

Things to Think About While Rushing

When you rush you use all your resources.  The goal is to build so many units so quickly that your opponent can not react quickly enough to stop you.  Then you eventually will overwhelm them and win the match

Remember just because your rush might fail doesnt mean you will loose the match.  With most rushes you can destroy your opponents resource gathering enough to cripple them for awhile..

Rushing Based On Each Race

Remember every race has different pros and cons when it comes to rushing so you need to figure those out as quickly as possible to help you ultimately win the match.

Zerg: When playing as the zerg your best rush is going to be the zergling rush.  You can pump out more units than anyone else in the game and if done right you can kill off your opponents drones, probes, or scvs giving you an advantage of minerals overall.  Once you cripple their economy then its time to kill them off with roaches, or hydralisks.

Protoss: The protoss used to be just regular zealots because of their strength but since recent updates its not longer the best move for a protoss player.  Your best bet now are dark templars.  Dark templars are forever cloaked and if done quickly enough you can kill off your opponent before they can get anything out to detect them quickly enough.  This rush is great for killing someone who can do nothing to stop you in the game..

Terran: When it comes to terrans reapers are your friend.  Not only can they do massive amounts of damage from a distance but they can jump around the map.  With just a few reapers you can kill off your opponents mineral harvesting and ultimately cripple them from being able to expand.  Thus giving you a quick win.

Rushing Isnt Just A Tactic Its a Way of Life

As it stands those are the best rushing strategies in starcraft 2.  They are the best because they are helping players win the most matches the fastest way possible.  Know that you know what your opponent is going to try and do against you then you have a good bet on how you can stop them adn ultimately kill them off in the long run.  Happy rushing and be sure to check us out for other strategies about starcraft 2.

Starcraft 2 Terran Lift Off Bunker Rushing Guide

So we are going to give a little more insight for the terran vs terran lift off marine rush and if it works. So the point of this rush is basically you put your marines right next to your opponents and build a bunker so you can kill him relatively easily. First of all when you are doing this rush you have to make sure its on a map where you have a mineral field near your opponent and you know where they are going to spawn (you might have to search with an scv to find out).

Now you build right next to him and start massing marines. Also you build as fast as you can a bunker right next to their base. The point of this is you are going to distract their scvs so they will stop harvesting minerals and start trying to stop you. If you are lucky to get a bunker built thats great because it will take the scvs awhile to break it down. If you dont get one built keep trying to and right before its destroyed cancel it and try building a new one to help keep your minerals.

Then you keep bringing on in your marines to keep the pressure on them and since they will be attacking you with their marines just pop them in a bunker. Bring over one or 2 scvs and repair your current bunker and build a new one.

If you put enough pressure on them they wont be gaining enough minerals to keep up with and you should have a bunker full of marines which they have no way to stop. The game will end quickly and youll have another win under your belt. Keep in mind by doing this your going to make someone pretty made and wont get a good game normally when playing this style. However a win is still a win so enjoy it.

Be sure to keep coming back for our starcraft 2 news and information on all the underground things going on in the world of starcraft 2. Also check out taultunleashed for premium starcraft 2 things.

Starcraft 2 – 1 Battle cruiser vs 13 Marines

Here is a guide showing how strong a battle cruiser is and how many marines it takes to kill one.  You first of all need to have your marines with their shield upgrades on.  The marines should be 650 minerals to make.  This does not include the 150 for minerals and 150 for gas requires to upgrade their shields.  The battle cruiser on the other hand requires 400 minerals and 300 gas.

The point of this video is to show the cost efficiency of using a battle cruiser versus marines.  The overall cost for gas and minerals is 700 for the battlecruiser and 650 for the marines.  While the battle cruiser has the ability to fly the marines have the ability to focus multiple targets at once which helps them as well.  The battlecruiser however will keep doing the same damage until all its hp is gone.  While the marines will do less and less damage for everyone that is killed.  Also have a fleet of 10 battlecruisers is much easier to manage than a fleet of 130 marines.

So overall it shows that while marines can be useful in large numbers a good setup of battlecruisers is the best bet.  This does not even account for the extra perks battle cruisers have to kill units.

Well thats the whole little video.  You can decide on what you think is best, but it shows you how for costs most all units do the same damage and it helps keep the game balances from a player using tier 1 to tier 3 items.
If you are interested in rushing guides, defense guides, or attacking guides for starcraft 2 be sure to check out as they are the number 1 site when it comes to starcraft 2 guides.

Shokz Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review – Is it a Rip-off?

Shokz Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide ReviewShokz Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide Review – Is it a Rip-off?

Well before we tell you if the guide is a rip off or not we want to give members a better alternative. Check out for the best starcraft 2 strategy guides on protoss zerg and terran players.

If you are a newbie or a professional at starcraft 2 you are going to want to know all the latest tricks and secrets in the game.  Starcraft 2 is a game of chess.  No matter how many games you have played there is always going to be a new way to counter a strategy and thats why you need to have a constantly updated site for all of those.  Taultunleashed is that site.

The shokz starcraft 2 protoss zerg and terran strategy guide will show newbies how to do certain things in the game and increase their gaming abilities.  However there is only so much that can be done.   No matter how much they update the site there is just too much information for one person to constantly be adding in new strategies in the game.  If you are just after the basics such as good build orders, how to get certain achievements the easiest way, and which units counter other units.  Well then shokz is a great guide for that.

However if you are after more then you are going to want to check out taultunleashed.  Because taultunleashed will also give you more benefits.  Because you are going to find out all the latest cheats, hacks, and bots too.  Whether you want to use them or not you know have the ability to help protect your account from people taking advantage of your matches.

Also they are giving you access to their entire gaming list which covers over 50 games.  Also all members get access to mmoviper which is the number 1 site for radar, and leveling bots for all mmos.

Well that should cover the basic review of shokz starcraft 2 strategy guide and help people decide what strategy guide is the best one for them.

New Starcraft 2 Race To Be Unvield At Next Blizzcon

New Starcraft 2 Race To Be Unvield At Next BlizzconA new starcraft 2 race to be reviled at blizzcon?
So if you look at the daily dose of cops on G4 they have something at the bottom announcing that blizzard will have a new race and graphics for starcraft 2 when its released. So of course i went and looked for more information on this on the blizzard site. The blizzard site had no references of this new race and nothing about a new race to be reveled. If you are not aware they are planning on releasing 3 games total. The first if the Terran, the second and third will be the zerg and protoss. So I’m curious if maybe G4 made a mistake which it could easily do, or maybe is blizzard planning something special with the second or 3rd games in the starcraft 2 series.

Also blizzard did announce starcraft ghost awhile back. They did not officially cancel it but they did say its on an indefinite hold. Unlike their old cg Orc game which they did official cancel sc:ghost is still in limbo as well. Blizzard is known for making big changes, and the fact that they are releasing 3 starcraft 2 games can add a tiny bit more fuel to this rumor. What if they next games will have a new playable race, or just one you can fight against online. Or what if they are going to do something big for online play with the next releases for the new race.

Anyone know what blizzards big surprises for blizzcon might be? Well anyways its some exciting food for thought.

Starcraft 2 Planetary Fortress Rush

K here is one of the craziest rushes in starcraft 2. What makes it evil is how easy it is to get off. First of all you of course need to paly as the terran. Then what you need to do is go out and make sure you know where your opponent is. If you opponent is halfway across the map or you arent sure where he is going to spawn then you can pretty much give up on this rush as it will take far to long.

The plan is you start out like any terran player with your svcs but instead of going for a marine rush or something else you work on getting your command center upgraded to the planetary fortress as soon as possible. Once you have that and your barracks built you fly them over to your opponent.

Set them down near him and then let your planetary fortress upgraded command center do all the work. It has an extreme range for attacking mobs and it does a ton of damage. Whats even better that’s not shown in the video is you should start building marines right away in your opponents base and use some of your svcs to start repairing your command center. That way not only will he have to work to kill off your svcs giving your command center more time to attack, but the marines that come in will do that extra bit of damage that might be needed against a professional players.

The key things to worry for with this rush is you just need to be sure you know where they are and how far. I know it was already said once but if you fly to far you will loose because your opponent will get their units too powerful for you to actually kill all of them. Also this hasnt been tested in 2v2 but id assume it could work out pretty well if one player does the command center rush and the other one does a marine rush. Getting your opponent from both sides will pretty much decimate them. Then fighting off one player is normally pretty easy since you can expand and control him pretty easily.

Well be sure to check out here and for more exclusive cheats cheat out taultunleashed for the best hacks cheats and bots for starcraft 2 cheats.

Starcraft 2 Terrans History and Lore Recap

Starcraft 2 Terran History and Lore RecapWhere you an avid starcraft 1 fan? Are you curious about the lore, rankings, and hierarchy of the entire starcraft 2 world. Are you curious about the whole lore and ranking in starcraft 2. For example are we going to deal with the same people from starcraft 1? Whats going on with the confederacy and the new worlds? What happened to Jim Raynor. Who is the queen of blades and what has happened to her? Well here is what we know with the Terrans.

As for the confederacy they are still going to play a major role in the second game. In the first game the confederacy started out pretty civil to some but they slowly grow way out of control. The confederacy at the end of starcraft 1 and the expansion seemed to be the leader of the Terran society. Many have put them on par with the empire from star wars in how powerful they have become and how a few factions are still fighting them. It seems they are more powerful than ever and probably going to take the role of something along the lines of the umbrella corporation. IE they have become so evil and fixated with power that they will do anything needed to help them take over the entire universe even at the cost of their own peoples lives.

Jim Raynor was a in the first game a ousted commander that at first was helping a rebel group trying to stop the confederacy. However as the game in sc1 continued you found out rebel group he was working for become just as power hungry as the confederacy which made Jim Raynor leave them as well. Now he has his own rebel group trying to not only fight the ever growing power of the confederacy but attempting to fight off the other factions as well that label him a betrayer. With starcraft 2 you will be taking control of Jim Raynor once again and helping him on his mission to save the Terran race. That’s not saying that you might not take control of the confederacy or take on other factions in the game. But we can safely assume that playing as Raynor in starcraft 2 is going to be a big part in the game.

The queen of blades is was actually Sarah Kerrigan. A extra strong Terran psychic that was working for the Terrans to help in their war against the Zerg. She however was eventually captured by the Zerg and turned into a hybrid under the control of the hive mind, and now called the Queen of Blades. What the Zerg wasn’t aware of that when the hive mind was weakened and the Zerg seemed to be breaking into factions Kerrigan took control as the new hive mind queen. We also know the queen of blades is back again. Its not 100% sure if she is going to be in total control of the Zerg or just part of it. More than likely the Zerg has split up into more factions and she is controlling one of the major factions of the Zerg horde. She probably is going to be the major focus of the Zerg through all 3 games and might die in the last one or be taken over by a new Zerg hive mind.