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Star Wars The Old Republic Xbox 360 Version

Star Wars The Old Republic Xbox 360 EditionStar Wars The Old Republic Coming To Xbox 360?
Will the star wars the old republic MMO be coming out for the xbox 360 in the near future? Im very interested in this game but I’m not a fan of paying for a game online with a subscription model. So my question is can i get this game for the 360 eventually and if i can will i be able to get around all the game fees that they charge for it? Also they have proven that a game like this will be great with the previous entries in the series.

Best answer:
Well you have a few parts to your question so let me try to answer them all. For starters there is no information on this game being released for the xbox 360. While bioware has released some amazing games over their time line and a majority of them have been released for the 360 nothing has been said about making this game available to people that want it in the 360. They may announce it at a later time but nothing as it stands has been posted yet. Also something that will hold them back for it is xbox live.

Microsoft feels that if someone wants to use their online network they need to join xbox live. However mmo developers want a piece of that pie which Microsoft is not going to give anyone any time soon. So a lot of mmos will not come out on the 360 just because developers think if they have to charge people to play the game it will hurt them. Also there is a rumor that Microsoft wants some of the online subscription fees that are being charged to developers for this game.

As for a subscription price you will always have that no matter where the game goes. Look at final fantasy 11 that game has been released on multiple consoles and all of them charge a monthly fee. The fee is charged to maintain the servers, add new content, and supply the game with updated patches. While they might be charging a high price for monthly they do so because it costs many million of dollars in order to get a mmo released that is quality.

Also you hate paying monthly fees but if you want to play the game on the 360 dont you pay for xbox live which is in either monthly quarterly, or annually (yearly). Its the same thing just they charge it a different way to you.

Well i hope that answers your question on star wars the old republic coming to the xbox 360.

Star Wars The Old Republic In Depth Look At Combat

This video alone shows you how damage in star wars the old republic mmorpg is going to change versus all other mmos.

This first big thing is how the combat is speed wise. Instead of of the normal game where you go up against someone and you both keep hitting each other and you cast the same spell over and over again you instead will be able to do different things.

First of all characters will actually interact with each other. With most mmos like world of warcraft when you attack someone you are both doing independent actions. So you cast a spell and then if it hits the opponent he does he routine animation. In swtor you will actually interact with that character based on what you do. So for example if you are fighting someone with a light saber and you use yours on him they may clash and sparks will fly out. Also you will have animations going on all around you for when you block enemies. So its not just going to be an animation for blocking the player in front of you. There is a chance you will block opponents from behind and youll have another separate animation.

Another big change is the fact you have a cover system. The cover system allows you to hide from enemy fire by hiding behind a variety of objects in the game. The spot where you where you can take cover is going to be marked by a light green silhouette of your character.

Also star wars the old republic is going to have a much faster fighting style than most mmos. Instead of the routine i attack him up close and he does to. You will be moving around, having different animations happen depending on where you block and hit opponents and more.

Whats best of all is this is just the early build of the game. There is so much more going to happen in games. They are going to take the physics that where on darkfall to a new level. So you will be doing damage based on what you hit and where you hit unlike most mmos that just have a dice roll being played out.

Prepare for one of the best MMOs to be coming out next year. And the current beta is going on right now. The force is with you.