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WAR Secrets – Apothecary Trick – Not Big But Helpful

WAR Secrets - Apothecary Trick - Not Big But Helpful

WAR Secrets - Apothecary Trick - Not Big But Helpful

- This only will work in your lower levels so if you plan on doing this in your higher levels im sorry but your out of luck.

- When you make a potion it will ask you to put 2 water bottles in your window for apothecary.

- Take your first bottle and place it in there.

- Take then around 20 bottles grouped together and place them in the second area.

- You will get a message stating that your recipe will work for sure.

- Your first bottle water will dissaper as normally happens.  So the first slot will be gone.

- You will have in your second slot around 19 bottles left.

- This isnt to helpful but its nice to save you the time from moving around items when crafting so a nice little trick.

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Warhammer Cheats – Walk Up Walls and Mountains Easily

Where you start!

Come out of here and turn right and look at that mountain ridge!

Start Ascending here!

Moving on up!

Woot woot!

get to here ^^!

Theres the boarder!
And you cross over, check the zone name on the mini-map and get ported back

Some more Walljumping results!
You can jump onto most mailboxes

Also most houses!

How to Jump into a cage for hiding!



- Find a place you want to travel to but you cant quite seem to reach.

- Hit the W key Before You Hit the Space key aka hit forward button before hitting jump.

- The reason this works is because you cant move while in the air unlike wow.  And from sloppy coding it is an easily exploited bug in the game.

- This is great for actually going up mountains in the game.

- AKA just fin da wall or another place that is parallel to the ground and you can normally always get on it.

- Above you can see a bug in the gamein an area called Dangerous Territory.

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