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Warhammer Cheats – WAR Lag jumping

- Here is an oldie but a good so if you dont know then you should learn to love this one.
- First of all play the game in windowed mode.
- Now find someone in the game you cant seem to climb. It can be anything you want such as roofs ect ect.
- Jump forward.
- Now .2 seconds click the mouse button the games title at the top.
- Let go of the title.
- If done right you will climb on top of the structure you wanted to get on.
- Now this doesnt work everywhere but it works alot of the time.
- This is great for mob hunting and pking.
- You basically can get to a spot no one can reach you at and in the end get easy kills.
- Enjoy.

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Warhammer Online Cheats – 100% Parrying, Extra Battle Brew Backpack, Squig Armor Doorstop

- Here are actually 3 different exploits that players can enjoy in warhammer online.

Extra Battle Brew Backpack
- Travel to Black Crag
- Go to the cords 16k, 40k
- Now look for for explosive snotling.
- You now have an extra chance to get a battle brew backpack.

100% Parrying
- Put on riposte tactic on.
- Summon your white lion pet out 10 times.
- Because of the bug with the riposte you will now have 100% parry.
- Become untouchable to almost every player in the game.

Squig Armor Doorstop
- Find a postern keep door.
- Stand right next to it so you are in the way.
- Put on your squig armor
- Due to the games current bug you will be blocking the door.
- This can keep players from being able to actually enter the building or exiting.
- Try using this pking as it tends to help ALOT.

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Warhammer Online Cheats – Stonetroll Crossing Botting / Ganking Location

- First you need to find a cliff in the area that is almost 90 degrees to get up it.

- Take your character to the very top of that cliff.

- Move now to the very edge of the cliff.  You should be almost 100% off the cliff to where you would fall off.

- An easy way to know if you are far enough off the cliff is to see if you have only one foot actually on the cliff.

- Now the bug comes into effect because instead of the game scanning behind you, it will scan at the bottom of the cliff looking for players and mobs in your general area.

- Attack that player or mob with a distance attack.

- The player will try to attack you but they will not be able to do any damage to you since they will attack to most of the time do a close range attack.

- Basically now you can kill anything in the game with little to no work.  Enjoy.

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Warhammer Cheats – Bot Unseen In Mourkain Temple

- Most people know that Mourkain Template is one of the best leveling spots for PvP.  Most players cant level here from 11-21 but the problem is its so busy its nearly impossible to actually bot here without being reported and banned.


- With the above picture find that specific tree and jump around the jumps.

- The exact place to jump is marked by the arrow on the picture.

- You should eventually fall in the water around the tree.


- As the picture above shows you should swim around the trees edge until you are under the terrain of the area around you.


- Here is an actual image of the awesome place you can be for xp.



- Above are 2 actual in game shots of this area being exploited.  Enjoy!

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Warhammer Cheats – Walk Up Walls and Mountains Easily

Where you start!

Come out of here and turn right and look at that mountain ridge!

Start Ascending here!

Moving on up!

Woot woot!

get to here ^^!

Theres the boarder!
And you cross over, check the zone name on the mini-map and get ported back

Some more Walljumping results!
You can jump onto most mailboxes

Also most houses!

How to Jump into a cage for hiding!



- Find a place you want to travel to but you cant quite seem to reach.

- Hit the W key Before You Hit the Space key aka hit forward button before hitting jump.

- The reason this works is because you cant move while in the air unlike wow.  And from sloppy coding it is an easily exploited bug in the game.

- This is great for actually going up mountains in the game.

- AKA just fin da wall or another place that is parallel to the ground and you can normally always get on it.

- Above you can see a bug in the gamein an area called Dangerous Territory.

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