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Warhammer Online Guides – Easily Get Four Skull Trophies

Warhammer Online Guides - Easily Get Four Skull Trophies

- Go to Avelorn and find the lev el 25 troll champ. He should be around 20k 50k
- Kill him.
- Travel To Saphery
- Talk to Maedlaine Bloodwine
- No go to Calendor
- Travel Easy across WC bridge and make a left turn.
- Your going to find two waterfall that are right next to the mountains.
- Click on the dirt and you will now have a scepter.
- Click on the scepter and then the mound again.
- Travel to the chaos wastes.
- Go south and hit NW Praag you should be around 16k 13k in the game.
- Find Calvin Lankdorf and kill him at those cords.
- If he isnt there take the road south from CW it should start around 20k, 500.
- Look on your right side and see if you can see a mutated peasant.
- If there is one then you need to wait to kill Lankdorf.

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Warhammer Online Cheats – Play as a Shaman and Carry a Second Stave On Your Player

HTML clipboard- Play as a shaman and do the quest Fragile light.

- There you will find a staff that can fit into your ranged spot.

- This normally would be pointless but the staff has some special features.

- The key feature is you get a free 25 willpower and 17 wounds to your player and you are wielding 2 shamans.

- The staff is powerbraced blasta, the staff is from the NPC known as Lilaeth Drakmist, the quest once again is called Fragile Light.

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