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Warhammer Online Cheats – 100% Parrying, Extra Battle Brew Backpack, Squig Armor Doorstop

- Here are actually 3 different exploits that players can enjoy in warhammer online.

Extra Battle Brew Backpack
- Travel to Black Crag
- Go to the cords 16k, 40k
- Now look for for explosive snotling.
- You now have an extra chance to get a battle brew backpack.

100% Parrying
- Put on riposte tactic on.
- Summon your white lion pet out 10 times.
- Because of the bug with the riposte you will now have 100% parry.
- Become untouchable to almost every player in the game.

Squig Armor Doorstop
- Find a postern keep door.
- Stand right next to it so you are in the way.
- Put on your squig armor
- Due to the games current bug you will be blocking the door.
- This can keep players from being able to actually enter the building or exiting.
- Try using this pking as it tends to help ALOT.

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Warhammer Online Exploits – Instant Teleportation

- Enter the queue for doing a special scenario in the game.

- Wait until the invitation to do the scenario comes up.

- Hit the ignore this aka remind me in one minute button.

- Go and do another area in the game that might be hard, such as a run to kill a certain mob or traveling in an attept to get somewhere.

- Now if you are about to die doing something else hit the accept button for the scenario right away.

- You will be teleported inside the scenario with full health and your pet out.

- Enjoy an easy way to get full health and you dont have to worry about dying in the middle of no where now.

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Warhammer Cheats – Bot Unseen In Mourkain Temple

- Most people know that Mourkain Template is one of the best leveling spots for PvP.  Most players cant level here from 11-21 but the problem is its so busy its nearly impossible to actually bot here without being reported and banned.


- With the above picture find that specific tree and jump around the jumps.

- The exact place to jump is marked by the arrow on the picture.

- You should eventually fall in the water around the tree.


- As the picture above shows you should swim around the trees edge until you are under the terrain of the area around you.


- Here is an actual image of the awesome place you can be for xp.



- Above are 2 actual in game shots of this area being exploited.  Enjoy!

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Warhammer Exploits – Black Orc Healing Exploit

- Right Click On Your Da’ Toughest proctection buff you have.

- That buff will give your attacks plus 25% chance for wounds increasing 57 for around ten seconds.  Also the amount you increased by you will also be healed by.

- Normally when using this buff you can only use this buff once.

- Now after you actually turn on your Buff turn it off by clicking on it.

- However when you turn it off the healing buff part wont go away and you still get its perk.

- Basically when using this you get around the 10 second buff you would normally get for using this.

- Basically when using this correctly you can get a giant advantage over other players in RvR battles.

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Warhammer Exploits – Go Around The RvR Invisible Walls

- Go into a RVR battle where there is an invisible wall.

- Use your spring ability right against the wall and move forward

- After a few tries the wall will fall down and you can actually go thru the wall.

- Easily grab the flag before anyone and win the match

- Normally these walls stay up for 30 seconds to allow players to load the area on slower connections

- With this exploit you can win most any RvR Flag Battle

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