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Warhammer Online Guides – Easily Get Four Skull Trophies

Warhammer Online Guides - Easily Get Four Skull Trophies

- Go to Avelorn and find the lev el 25 troll champ. He should be around 20k 50k
- Kill him.
- Travel To Saphery
- Talk to Maedlaine Bloodwine
- No go to Calendor
- Travel Easy across WC bridge and make a left turn.
- Your going to find two waterfall that are right next to the mountains.
- Click on the dirt and you will now have a scepter.
- Click on the scepter and then the mound again.
- Travel to the chaos wastes.
- Go south and hit NW Praag you should be around 16k 13k in the game.
- Find Calvin Lankdorf and kill him at those cords.
- If he isnt there take the road south from CW it should start around 20k, 500.
- Look on your right side and see if you can see a mutated peasant.
- If there is one then you need to wait to kill Lankdorf.

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Warhammer Online Guides – Solo Nerx Gutslime – Healers – Awesome Lewt

- Go to the area of Mount Bloodhorn.

- Then go  zone located at 53500 , 44500 (it will be near a giant dwarf statue).

- On the left of the status you can see a gap.  Go in there and you will see a platform you have to jump to.  Then go up a ramp and you will be at the cave of Nexx Gutslime.

- When you find Nerx get some distance from him.  He is a range attacker so you dont have to worry about him trying to melee you.  The only attack he has that is somewhat strong is his pitiful dot that does around 300 dmg anywhere from 3 to 9 seconds depending on his cast.

- It can take up to half an hour to kill him as a healer but its an easy kill.

- After killiung him you can get an upgrade option, or you can make talismans from him and use that gold.   The items you can get from killing him can be salvaged on average for 175 fragments but sometimes you will get 200 fragments.  He at times will drop up to 2 weapons on death.

- You can kill him every 12 hours as well.

- Enjoy an easy cap and great loot

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WAR Secrets – Apothecary Trick – Not Big But Helpful

WAR Secrets - Apothecary Trick - Not Big But Helpful

WAR Secrets - Apothecary Trick - Not Big But Helpful

- This only will work in your lower levels so if you plan on doing this in your higher levels im sorry but your out of luck.

- When you make a potion it will ask you to put 2 water bottles in your window for apothecary.

- Take your first bottle and place it in there.

- Take then around 20 bottles grouped together and place them in the second area.

- You will get a message stating that your recipe will work for sure.

- Your first bottle water will dissaper as normally happens.  So the first slot will be gone.

- You will have in your second slot around 19 bottles left.

- This isnt to helpful but its nice to save you the time from moving around items when crafting so a nice little trick.

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