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Warhammer Online Scams – Trading Scam (Like Diablo 2)

Warhammer Online Scams - Trading Scam

1 – Make sure you have stackable items.
2 – Make sure player 1 has stackable items into 2 stacks of any quanity, and those 2 items are side by side in the same inventory bag
3 – Have p1 open a trade window with p2
4 – Have p1 right click on both his stacks really quickly
5 – You should have both stacks now in the trade window
6 – The first stack will be locked.
7 – The second stack will not be locked and will be in the trade window
8 – Have p1 right click on the first stack in the trade window and remove it from the trade.
9 – Now only the unlocked stack is in the trade window
10 – Now take all items from the stack except one item and place those items into another inventory slot
11 – P2 trade window does not update the stacks change.
12 – You can now trade just 1 item to p2 with it looking as if you are trading the full amount of items

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