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WoW Cataclysm Twighlight Highlands New Boss

So there are some bugs still floating around for world of warcraft that allows players to go under the game world and in turn they can move freely. This bug is still available in the current build of world of warcraft. Its over at taultunleashed if you are interested in reading about it.

Well someone has used that bug to now go to a new place in the game that isnt intended for world of warcraft cataclysm. The new location is called the twilight highlands. It has a ton of new stuff for play and something that people didnt think would be there.

In the video at around 3:20 you can see something that looks like sarlacc from the star wars universe. It has the giant mouth and tons of tentacles. The creature seems to be a major player in the upcoming wow cataclysm and might be deathwing in a form but thats not sure. Also there is speculation that this is one of the major dragons breeding grounds but once against no one is sure.

Anyways you can check out the video and see the exploit ina ction. Its pretty neat to see something that large in wow cataclysm. Its more than likely going to be end game content for the end of the expansion.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Digital Download On Release Day

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Digital DownloadCan i get World of Warcraft Cataclysm Digital Download On Release Day
I live in the middle of no where and the closet game store is about an hour away from me. My question is how will blizzard be implementing the world of warcraft cataclysm release. I know i can get it from amazon and gamestop but usually that takes a day or 2 and i get it normally one or 2 days after the release day. Now you might say im crazy and i should learn to wait a day or 2.

Well the problem is with my work i only get so many days off a year and i want to take those days off because i really enjoy playing the game. So it would be helpful for me to find out the easiest way to get world of warcraft cataclysm on the release day so i can take of my time from work without having to time it correctly for when the package comes to me. Considering im up in Alaska sometimes they can mess up the mail and then im screwed and wasted a few days for nothing.

Anyways does anyone know about the world of warcraft digital download for cataclysm and if there is on?

Best answer:
Well i can start this off but saying youre in luck. Blizzard has plans to do digital downloads for almost all their releases in the game.

They did mention something about it but i dont want to just leave it at that and have you take my word there was some talk about it. A good example of how they have been handling it is with starcraft 2. They will allow you to download the game up to a week in advance to help with the load on teh servers for people downloading it. Then the game at 12am on the time zone will be activated for the new expansion for you. This way you wont have to wait til that night to find millions of people trying to download the expansion. Also you can get it all set up and ready before the release. They did this with starcraft 2 and it went off perfectly without even the slightest downtime for the game.

I think that answers your question best about world of warcraft cataclysms digital download and if blizzard is going to have one for people on the release of the game.

WoW Cataclysm Worgen and Goblin Classes

WoW Cataclysm Worgen and Goblin ClassesWoW Cataclysm Worgen and Goblin Classes
So i have 3 main questions about world of warcraft cataclysm and im curious on different things relating to the upcoming expansion. My first one is what type of classes can i play if i pick the worgen class for alliance? The second one is what type of classes can i play if i pick the goblin class for the horde? My third is when is the game going to be released in the united states, and will they have a world of warcraft cataclysm midnight release?

PS this game looks amazing. Im so excited how they are going to redo the entire game based on the 1-60 experience. I hope they make tons of great end game content for the new classes and starter content too. Well i know they haven’t disappointed me yet so im not to worried.

Best answer:
Well i will start from the top for your wow cataclysm questions.

For the alliance worgen classes you can play as them all except the worgen shaman class and worgen paladin class. The goblins are pretty much the same as you can play them all except the goblin paladin class and goblin druid class.

As for the release date most people have pointed to the end of October or early to mid November for the release date. You can learn more about that on the site if you use the left navigation and look under the cataclysm link area.

When it comes to a midnight release for world of warcraft cataclysm i know a lot of the smaller gamestop stores only get 3-5 major releases each year. They are planning on halo, call of duty, and world of warcraft for their releases. So on your question for a might night release on the game is clearly going to be a yes if stores will do it because gamestop for sure will.

I hope this answers your questions about the world of warcraft cataclysm worgen and goblin classes that you can pick when the games go live. Also on the release date schedule for the game. Enjoy.

Play WoW Cataclysm as a Worgen or Goblin Without Paying?

Play as worgen without wow cataclysm expansionCan i play the new races if i dont purchase wow cataclysm.
The new expansion for world of warcraft cataclysm i was checking out videos from the other day. My question is when it comes to the new goblin and worgen races can i play them without purchasing the world of warcraft expansion. Also if i cant play them without buying it does anyone know of a way i can preview or test them out so i can decide if i want to buy wow cataclysm?

Best answer:
Well first of all in order to play as the new races you will have to purchase wow cataclysm. There is no official way you can play as the new worgen or goblin races without purchasing the game. I know it sucks but you are going to be forced to play on the official servers.

Now you stated is there a way to preview the new races. As it stands you can not officially preview the new races. Blizzard is making sure anyone that wants to play the cataclysm goblin and worgen will be forced to buy before they can try. Also they dont seem to do any type of refunds so if you dont like the new expansion you are sol.

Now if you are looking for unofficial ways to play the new races then you can try out one of the many new world of warcraft cataclysm private servers out there. If you look at our links on the left you can see the wow cataclysm private server link and there you can learn all about world of warcraft cataclysm private servers and how you can play one.

Also keep in mind blizzard is releasing an amazing expansion so the odds of you actually not liking this one is going to be slim to none based on how much work has gone into this expansion. If you are going to be a first time world of warcraft player then you should just get a trial account and preview the game to see if it suits your fancy as a player. Some people are all about it while others dont feel its right for them. Its sort of up to that persons playing style.

I think that answers your question the best for if you can play world of warcraft cataclysm worgen and goblin races before the games official release, and if you cant how you can find a way to actually preview the races in the game before paying for the expansion.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Secret Island

Here is a video showing some of the new things for world of warcraft cataclysm. Keep in mind this was a very early alpha of the game. What happened is someone got their hands on the alpha and in turn made an emulator for it. What tends to happen to alphas is its a very raw code. So for example things that might be released halfway down the year for the game is put in the alpha build and taken out of the beta build.

In this video you can see a brand new major island in the game. This secret area is located next to the badlands as the video shows. There is a major town near the badlands that has a dock. When you travel out from that dock in superman mode you can see a new island in the water. The island consists of 2 parts. One is more rocky and like a mountain, while the other has a flat surface to it and is a lot thinner in size.

These 2 islands where removed immediately after it was leaked of their existence int he alpha build. This only leaves more speculation what their point is. It is rumored that during cataclysm another major landscape change will take place after the first patch. This will release these 2 islands which is a major part in getting to deathwing and the final boss battle of the patch. However no one is for sure what is going to happen.

Well anyways enjoy the video and seeing the new world of warcraft cataclysm island that the developers dont want you to even know exists in the game. If you want to see more hidden things be sure to check out our other posts in the wow cataclysm section here.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Release Date

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Release DateWhat is the world of warcraft cataclysm release date?
So i have been trying to find this out but there is still no official announcement when the release date for world of warcraft cataclysm is going to come out.  My question is does anyone know exactly when its going to come out.  The FAQ for blizzards official website doesn’t actually give a release date either so im kinda stuck waiting for it.  The big reason is i have x amount of days for vacation time for work and i want to use maybe 2-3 days when the game comes out so i can play it.  However i usually need to give a 2-3 month notice of when im taking time off.  I know its an early notice but my company needs me really badly so when i leave they need to prepare for it.  So any suggestions?

Well there are a few different calculations as to when blizzard is going to release world of warcraft cataclysm. The first one is going to be from If you go their official site and type in cataclysm you will get 2 categories. The first one says they have no official release date for world of warcraft cataclysm. However the second product is the official wow strategy guide by brady games. They have a release date of October 26th. Brady games is normally pretty close when it comes to release dates so that’s one big clue as to the release date. Keep in mind gamestop also had an original release date of November 1st 2010 listed.

The other clue is we can by go wrath of the lich king which was released on November 13th 2008. Now this wont tell us for sure when cataclysm is going to be released it does give us some insight as to a target date for the release date. Blizzard has said previously that they are aiming for a 4th quarter release date for cataclysm. Reason being is they can count it on their financial statements. So releasing it in 2011 would hurt those figures. Also blizzard is sure to want some of the big thanksgiving shopping dates so you can nix out anything at the end of November and all of December.

So based on those clues you are looking at a release date anyways from October 26, 2010 to November 27, 2010. I know that’s only giving you a one month release date range which still kinda sucks.

Your best bet if you have to is go for broke and do Oct 26, Nov 1, and Nov 13. Because those are going to be the 3 biggest contenders for release dates. Once more is updated we will be sure to add i there. But there is the best calculations as to when you can expect to know the world of warcraft cataclysm release date.

How Much Will WoW Cataclysm Cost?

WoW Cataclysm Total CostHow much is world of warcraft cataclysm going to cost plus all the expansions?
So i just started playing wow and im a pretty big fan of it. My question is how much will world of warcraft cataclysm cost me if i get the other 2 expansions for it as well. I know im a tad late to the party for enjoying this game but i need the expansion and im going to be forced to get it with all the other cool perks going on in the game. So anyways what is the total cost im going to pay to get world of warcraft cataclysm?

Best answer:
Well you are pretty luck since the other 2 expansions have been out for awhile you can ge ta pretty good deal on everything. If you where just going to buy world of warcraft you are looking at about 20 dollars for the game. If you just get world of warcraft wrath of the lich king it will cost you 30 dollars for it. For world of warcraft the burning crusade its going to be another 30 dollars. But you are in luck because of of the group deals they have.

For example you can now get world of warcraft and world of warcraft burning crusade together for 30 dollars as well. This gets you basically the normal game and the first expansion for only 30 bucks.

The most expensive expansion is going to wow cataclysm. World of warcraft cataclysm will cost you about 40 dollars if you get the game.

So your total looks like this if you are getting everything at once.

WOW + BC = 30
WOTLK = 30
WOW Cataclysm = 40

Total = 100

So when you get everything you are looking at a total of 100 dollars. Keep in mind tho getting these expansion will come with extra free play time for some of them so you can get some free time and not be forced to pay for online.

All in all the amount of fun you can get from this game and the cost of playing it seems to be pretty low. Most games you get have only 8 hours of game play, and we all know world of warcraft has people that have played for months of in game time. Also considering that for an entire yea of the game its still less than buying 3 full games at 60 bucks a piece its quite a good deal in the long run.

Well i hope that answers your question and gives you some extra insight as to how much its going to cost you for world of warcraft cataclysm.

Should i play wow now or wait for wow cataclysm?

Should i play wow now or wait for wow cataclysm?Should I start playing WoW again even though Cataclysm is coming out soon?
So i know world of warcraft cataclysm is right behind the door and i know that the entire landscape is going to change in the game. The big question is should i make an account now or wait for wow cataclysm to come out? I want to check out the outlands before they are officially changed but is that pointless since everything will be different?


I think blizzard did pretty well convincing everyone that things are going to change when the new world of warcraft comes out, however a lot of it is going to remain the same. Yes things will be largely different in some areas but in some its just going to have some artwork changed its not going to be 100% different. Id say in total you are looking around 30-50% different in the landscape and content in the game so its nothing to end the game over.

Also there is no reason not to start playing now. The game will have changes yes but you still will get to know the layout of the new lands. A lot of cool new things where added in the wrath of the lich king and since you stopped at the burning crusade you will still need to get all those things down.

It would be your best move i think to start playing the game right away. That way when cataclysm comes out you will not be forced to spend all your time learning the ropes of wrath of the lich king changes, and wow cataclysm. Because knowing all that when the game is first released would suck because while everyone is going off and enjoying the awesome new cataclysm features you will be stuck just learning the ropes for the past year.

I think that gives a pretty good idea as to what you should do to get ready for world of warcraft cataclysm is you havent played the game in awhile. Also be sure to check out taultunleashed for all the latest world of warcraft cataclysm news going on and also the largest site for mmorpg cheats hacks guides and more.

WoW Cataclysm Goblin Mage With Tier 10 Gear

Here is a video of the new cataclysm goblin mage in action. The goblin mage has a full heroic tier 10 gear on. He got this armor from an ICC25 man raid. In the video you can watch the mage go into combat. Use his pack hoblin racial ability’s. Use the Rocket barrage in combat as well. However keep in mind the rocket barrage is currently bugged in the game and it will only do 2 damage. The actually damage of rocket barrage should be much more based on what the tooltip is showing but its still an awesome thing to watch.

Im looking forward to how rocket jump will change pvp in the game. Because basically all it does is shoot you forward so not only is it going to be great for running away during combat. But image the awesome abilities for using it when you want to quickly reach someone to attack. I know other classes have things that are somewhat similar but i guess the goblins give these abilities an extra ump with the twisted animations that follow them.

The goblins are the new world of warcraft horde race that will be playable when cataclysm goes live. They are considered to be on par with the dwarves as some say due to how they use machines to do a majority of their needs. Also they have a very high want of gold so some players consider them to be on par with the ferengi from star trek. Either way they look like an awesome race to play. You get to drive around in a car and you can actually try to run over other NPC characters in the game.

Well anyways check out the video above. It shows you some awesome animations for the goblin, which from my perspective and others is far more fluid than that of the worgen. It might be due to the goblins getting more developer time or just how the worgens morph that they cant get a proper animation for them.

WoW Cataclym Goblin Mage

WoW Cataclysm Events – Lore – Recap Guide

WoW Cataclysm Events - Lore - Recap GuideWow Cataclysm Events / Lore / Recap Guide

Here is a nice little recap of all things that have happened during the events of world of warcraft cataclysm. This will show you the new characters added, how certain things have changed for the games landscape and lore, and what else you have to expect in the game.

WOW Cataclysm Deathwing

Deathwing the destroyer is going to be very big this time around. Deathwing has been driven insane but the old gods and now has taken the path of the shadows. When the giant battle of the burning legion was happening Deathwing was patiently preparing a giant attack. He learned how lady Sinestra failed with his twilight dragonflight creation and begun working to create his own. He eventually managed to create his one supreme dragonflight and was planning to attack the world with it.

WOW Cataclysm Azshara

Queen Azshara has been carefully planning in the depths of the maelstrom for many years, so long in fact that many thought her to be dead or mere a fairy tale. She has used the support of Lady Vashj’s and Illidan to some extra purpose that is not yet known. What is now known is her powers are stronger than ever from transforming people turned into naga to her own devise.

WOW Cataclysm The Cataclysm

The cataclysm is not totally understood just yet. While many believe its just Deathwing attacking with his new found powers there is a belief that something much stronger is behind this. Something that’s power far surpasses that of Deathwing. It is very ancient and very powerful but the true culprit has not yet reveled themselves. The only current speculation is its an old god and its angry.

The Guardian of Tirisfal

The guardian of tirisfal is not understood yet. It is known that malfurion stormrage will be coming back to help azeroth in the creation of a new guardian, but what is to come about all this no one is sure of.

WOW Cataclysm The New Horde

Thrall has decided to give up his leadership of the horde. Now Garrosh Hellscream is the new leader. He was working with both the alliance and the horde to help stop the Naga and Black Dragonflight from taking over the land. However since Thrall is no where to help keep the temporary truce between the horde and alliance. Garrosh has declared war on the alliance. His first move is to kill Cairne Bloodhoof as a traitor to the horde. With Cairne’s deaths his son Baine takes over as the current chieftan of the Tauren.