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World of Warcraft Private Server Dupe Hack

Here is an awesome new dupe method you can use.  Keep in mind i posted this for private servers only as it doesn’t seem to work on public servers.  Some people have said its working just fine for them on public servers but I’m not sure so I’m not going to say its working 100% on public servers but you can go and try it out easily.  Well anyways here are the steps for you to use.  Be sure to also watch the video as it shows the dupe being done there as well.

1 – Make sure you have an bind on equip item stored in your backpack.
2 – Go and find a general goods vendor in a town.
3 – Buy from him 1x red ribboned wrapping paper and that’s it.
4 – Move the paper now next to the bind on equip item you currently have.
5 – Right click on the paper then left click on the item.
6 – Your item should now be a gift.
7 – Go to another general goods vendor.
8 – Drag a paper from the vendor to the gift item you have.
9 – If you did this correctly the item will now have a number 2 on it.
10 – Right click on the gift and now it will be an item but it will have the number 2 attached to it meaning you have 2 of them.
11 – You cant just split this item as you normally would so go to a guild bank.
12 – Deposit the item and draw it one at a time from the build back and put the items back in your backpack.
13 – You should now have 2 new items when you originally had one.

Here are some FAQs people asked about this world of warcraft dupe hack. Ill try to answer them all.

Q) Will this work on a retail server
A) It does not seem to but some people have said its working just fine for them.

Q) The general goods vendor im at doesn’t sell that type of paper what should i do?
A) Um go find a vendor that does?

Q) Do i need a guild in order to do this dupe fully?
A) Yes because if you don’t it will bug out and you will loose the item.

Q) What server does this work on?
A) Seems to be working up to the latest version of private servers. You just need to be sure that the vendor sells that paper item and you are fine.

Q) Know any other dupes i can use for world of warcraft?
A) Yea the best site is going to be taultunleashed as it has the most current wotlk and cataclysm dupes hacks and exploits.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm How To Dupe / Duping Gold

The following videos are a brief introduction on how players can actually dupe in games such as world of warcraft cataclysm.  While an exact dupe might be very much different than this.  We feel this is a great way to help players get started in the game of learning how to dupe actually in their favorite games.  Keep in mind this was done on a private server for a different game but with all MMOs duping is very much done the same way to a degree.  While yes different quests are other things are needed there is normally one giant fundamental aspect when it comes to duping in games.  For example the site taultunleashed always has new dupes being posted.

This is using the servers shut down times and lag to help you dupe.  What this means is all game servers shut down at certain points in the game.  Whether it be for updates, for maintenance, or other emergency reasons.  Your game will have to be taken down for a little bit every week or month.  That is when you can actually exploit the gaming system to help you dupe items.

Now remember you need to find the right way to do the dupe of course.  Im going to use world of warcraft cataclysm as an example because most people are going to want to find new gold dupes in that game.  So what we recommend is first waiting for a set time when the game servers are going to go down then just use 1 piece of gold to try out different dupes.

Some good examples of things to try right when the server goes down are the following.

Looting gold of mobs.  Trading gold to a player.  Buying an item in the auction house.  Selling an item in the auction house.  Selling items to an NPC.  Buying items from an NPC.  Complete a quest.  Dying. And a ton of other ways.

What the point of this is that in the game they can have bugs arise.  No game has perfect programming hence so many exploits are found in world of warcraft cataclysm daily.  So just experiment with a ton of different things in the game.  Because while none of the above items may or may not work, you have a high chance to find one that does just by playing around with the games system.  Remember one of the biggest exploit in wow was found by players messing around with the instance portals and they where able to automatically gain experience while other players did the instances.  Or with lineage 2 taultunleashed found the largest dupe ever found was done with players finding a way to duplicate their corpses in the game and then someone found how to get in game gold to dupe off of it.

So have fun trying to find a new in game dupe for world of warcraft cataclysm and be sure to use the videos below to give you a basic understanding how players find different dupes in games and how they use those to help them become richer than anyone else in the game.