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Play WoW Cataclysm as a Worgen or Goblin Without Paying?

Play as worgen without wow cataclysm expansionCan i play the new races if i dont purchase wow cataclysm.
The new expansion for world of warcraft cataclysm i was checking out videos from the other day. My question is when it comes to the new goblin and worgen races can i play them without purchasing the world of warcraft expansion. Also if i cant play them without buying it does anyone know of a way i can preview or test them out so i can decide if i want to buy wow cataclysm?

Best answer:
Well first of all in order to play as the new races you will have to purchase wow cataclysm. There is no official way you can play as the new worgen or goblin races without purchasing the game. I know it sucks but you are going to be forced to play on the official servers.

Now you stated is there a way to preview the new races. As it stands you can not officially preview the new races. Blizzard is making sure anyone that wants to play the cataclysm goblin and worgen will be forced to buy before they can try. Also they dont seem to do any type of refunds so if you dont like the new expansion you are sol.

Now if you are looking for unofficial ways to play the new races then you can try out one of the many new world of warcraft cataclysm private servers out there. If you look at our links on the left you can see the wow cataclysm private server link and there you can learn all about world of warcraft cataclysm private servers and how you can play one.

Also keep in mind blizzard is releasing an amazing expansion so the odds of you actually not liking this one is going to be slim to none based on how much work has gone into this expansion. If you are going to be a first time world of warcraft player then you should just get a trial account and preview the game to see if it suits your fancy as a player. Some people are all about it while others dont feel its right for them. Its sort of up to that persons playing style.

I think that answers your question the best for if you can play world of warcraft cataclysm worgen and goblin races before the games official release, and if you cant how you can find a way to actually preview the races in the game before paying for the expansion.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Secret Island

Here is a video showing some of the new things for world of warcraft cataclysm. Keep in mind this was a very early alpha of the game. What happened is someone got their hands on the alpha and in turn made an emulator for it. What tends to happen to alphas is its a very raw code. So for example things that might be released halfway down the year for the game is put in the alpha build and taken out of the beta build.

In this video you can see a brand new major island in the game. This secret area is located next to the badlands as the video shows. There is a major town near the badlands that has a dock. When you travel out from that dock in superman mode you can see a new island in the water. The island consists of 2 parts. One is more rocky and like a mountain, while the other has a flat surface to it and is a lot thinner in size.

These 2 islands where removed immediately after it was leaked of their existence int he alpha build. This only leaves more speculation what their point is. It is rumored that during cataclysm another major landscape change will take place after the first patch. This will release these 2 islands which is a major part in getting to deathwing and the final boss battle of the patch. However no one is for sure what is going to happen.

Well anyways enjoy the video and seeing the new world of warcraft cataclysm island that the developers dont want you to even know exists in the game. If you want to see more hidden things be sure to check out our other posts in the wow cataclysm section here.

Cataclysm Private Server Hack

Here is a world of warcraft cataclysm private server hack showing a user actually going into a cataclysm server and playing as a worgen. The hack is how he is able to play the game easily are a worgen which most people didnt think was actually in the private servers for world of warcraft cataclysm just yet.

In the start of the video you can see the player in the character log in screen and showing off the worgen character creation screen and all the different variations you can play as a world of warcraft worgen in this cataclysm private server hack.

The user then logs into the game and starts showing off different moves the worgen has at their disposal. Such as being able to transform from a human toon to a worgen toon. He then starts buying different stuff in the game so you can see what the worgen look like when they have different weapons equipped on them and some skills.

I wish when you where a worgen with a weapon it would be held different than as a human toon because it just seems like a model edit and not as if its a totally different type of race you are switching into. But we cant have everything we want in the game. However what is pretty awesome is when a worgen has weapons not active you can see them on their back such as in the video you see him with the 2 giant swords on his back. I think i know what they are but im not going to take a guess and be wrong.

If you are looking at ways to create your own world of warcraft private server we have some areas under out wowcc (world of warcraft cataclysm) private serve area on the left of the screen.

If you are after the latest hacks cheats guides and more for cataclysm check out taultunleashed as its the number one place for cataclysm hacks.

How To Join / Create Your Own Cataclysm Private Server

Here is a video of one of the very first working world of warcraft cataclym private servers. This server is according to many the very first video of a private server running that is not just a sandbox. You can join it as well by doing some easy steps.

1 – First of all you need to go create an account at
2 – Now download cataclysm release number 11927 (this is for people that have wotlk for the us servers)
3 – Install the enus installer (this can take awhile up to 2 hours at times)
4 – Now go into your wow folder and find enUS/data/ (Use search if you cant find that file)
5 – Delete everything in there and put instead
set realmlist
set patchlist

If you have patch 3.3.3a or above you can do the following.
1 – find your wow data folder in program files wow data
2 – Delete the file patch.mpq
3 – Now hit repair.exe in the same folder
4 – Make sure everything is unchecked in the repair.exe screen and just hit check files only
5 – The repair should bring you to version 3.0.0
6 – Do steps 1-5 from above.

Enjoy the first and only working world of warcraft private server out there for cataclysm. It is still buggy so dont expect anything amazing going on. However you can still interact with other people, check out new upcoming content, and while we haven’t tested it out just yet im sure you can fight mobs and do other things as time goes by or now. This is a great update for anyone that didnt get in the beta but really wanted to just check out what the game has to offer. Well anyways go enjoy the game and enjoy checking out the new landscape after the cataclsm.

New Temple Behind Uldum

Here are some awesome pictures using a private server to view the cataclysm landscape. Here you can see an awesome new template behind uldrum. These are just a few areas of the upcoming cataclysm patch. Also at the bottom you can see the maelstrom vortex. It basically one of the coolest looking things ever to be added in the world of warcraft. Anyways without further waiting enjoy the pictures.