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WOTLK Cheats - 3500XP Per Mob At Level 55

World of Warcraft Cheats - Reset cooldowns on Engineering Tinkers

– Go to the ramparts with an alt toon
– Get a shadowpriest or lock
– Have your shadowpriest go into the ramparts as well.
– Make your lock dps the mob to have a low healtha amount.
– Now have the mob dot on you and run out of the instance
– Wait for the mob to die and your alt will get the xp because it will be seen as if he killed the mob all by himself
– The hardest part is making sure you run out at the exact time.
– If you do it to late your alt will get the penalty of a high level mob in the area.
– Also if you do it to early well then your alt might die.
– It helps to cast fear on the mob to give your alt a better chance of living.
– Its best to just kill the mobs at the entrance.
– This is a great way to help someone in their mid 50s get to 58 asap.

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World of Warcraft Cheats - Reset cooldowns on Engineering Tinkers

World of Warcraft Cheats - Reset cooldowns on Engineering Tinkers

– Make sure you have a decent engineering skill.
– Engineers tinker items have independent cool downs.
– If you time it well you can have all your items have tinkers on them and you can keep using a different one every 30 seconds.
– This way youll never have a cooldown again.
– A good one is rocket boots which you can use up to 6 every 3 minutes. This is great for BGs.
– You can find tons of different uses. However keep in mind blizzard is going to be sure to fix this.

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Wrath of the Lich King Exploits - Have 5 JC Gems Equipped

– Raise your JV to 400.
– Enchant your braces or gloves with an extra socket in them.
– Put one dragoneye in your extra bracer now.
– Put one dragon eye in your extra glove slot.
– Put one dragon eye in your 3rd slot.
– Drop BS
– Your extra gem slot will go red since you dont have 400BS now.
– Put 2 more dragon eyes in your other gem slows.
– The ones in your BS slots dont count anymore and the game thinks you just have 3 equipped.
– Bring your BS back up above 400.
– Your slots will now be activated.
– Dont unequip the items with dragonseyes because you wont be able to equip them afterwards.

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WotLK Cheats - Skip Thorim Repair Costs

WotLK Cheats - Skip Thorim Repair Costs

– This cheat helps you avoid thorim repair costs.
– If you are doing Hardmode for thorim, and your behind the time limit to gettin to him.
– Instead of wasting time repairing and flying back in engage thorim.
– Make sure you keep the gauntlet team near where he jumps down.
– After he jumps down get someone from the balcony up top to attack him.
– He will auto reset.
– Enjoy.

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WOTLK Exploits - Mount Your Mount On A Mount

Mount Your Mount On A Mount

– Get The Headless horseman mount.
– Then mount on your headless horseman mount.
– Now try to mount on another mount you have.
– For example try a vehicle, the mammoth, or the argent mounts.
– The game will put you on top of that mount with your headless horseman mount.
– There is no real use to this exploit except it saves you a few seconds when getting off your argent mount your right on your flying mount now.
– Enjoy.

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Death Knight Cheats - Runic Power Frost Strikes

Runic Power Frost Strikes

– Equip an item that will reduce your mana cost and apply to runic power.
– For example use the trinket that you get from the second boss in BF. (Screen shot)
– That trinket equip reduces frost strike and deal coil all the way to 18 runic power.
– The death knight cheat here is that frost strike wont take your buff, as opposed to death coil.
– So you will have for example 130 runic power and enough to do 7 frost strikes.

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Wrath of the Lich King Exploits - Summon Players With No Cool Down

– Here is a great way to RAF another player after you are level 60 and then skip the entire 60 minute cool down in the game.

1 – Have your RAF friend not apart of your games group.
2 – Go and send your party invite to your friend.
3 – Go and open your friends list.
4 – Click the summon button over and over again.
5 – Have your friend accept your party invite you send them, but make sure they do it while you are spamming the summon button over and over again.
6 – You should now summon your friend.
7 – You should now get an error after you summon your friend
8 – The summon however will still go thru.
9 – Enjoy summoning your buddy.

Note – The downside is that you have to have friends a decent distance from you and they cant be standing right next to you. The easiest way is to have someone across the zone.

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Wrath of the Lich King Exploits - Level 74+ Leveling Invincibility in Instance

Accept the Storm Kings Vengence Quest

Now go to this area on the map

– Kill a ton mobs in that area that have a very fast respawn time giving you around 2.5k xp per kill.

– The reason you can do this is the Strom Kings quest releases Gymer to aid you.

– Gymer does 5k damage and he can do his crits for about 15k damage.

– Normally the mobs in the area wont give you any xp as well but blizzard messed up and allowed you to take another quest in this area that does give you xp for killing the mobs.

– So basically you are keeping the gymer quest but starting another quest as well to help you level right away.

– You will be pratically invincible while doing this instance and you can get to level 80 in about 6 hours starting at level 74.

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Wrath of the Lich King Cheats - Easily Kill Sartharion 3 Drakes (Druids)

– Requirements – Make sure you have a druid with clearcasting and hurricane.

– Wait until the second drake has died in Sarth’s Instance.  The first 2 are normally easy to kill as should pose much of a threat to you.

– Now have your druid cast the following spell on Sarth.  Its called hurricane.

– Sarth will now have his normally casting of time of 1.5 set to 3 seconds for his fires breath.  Fire’s breath normally does over 20k points of damage every time it hits you but when its nerfed like that you have nothing to worry about.

– On top of that the spell will make Sarth has his melee attack reduced by 50%, minus 50% of his attack speed which makes his speed at 75% instead of 150%.

– Sometimes players have a problem with the druid being able to cast this spell but all you need to do is make sure he or her has clearcasting.  This will make the next spell cast cost 0 mana making it easy to get that spell off.

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