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Wrath of the Lich King Exploits - Have 5 JC Gems Equipped

– Raise your JV to 400.
– Enchant your braces or gloves with an extra socket in them.
– Put one dragoneye in your extra bracer now.
– Put one dragon eye in your extra glove slot.
– Put one dragon eye in your 3rd slot.
– Drop BS
– Your extra gem slot will go red since you dont have 400BS now.
– Put 2 more dragon eyes in your other gem slows.
– The ones in your BS slots dont count anymore and the game thinks you just have 3 equipped.
– Bring your BS back up above 400.
– Your slots will now be activated.
– Dont unequip the items with dragonseyes because you wont be able to equip them afterwards.

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