Aion Bans Thousands Of Real Players, Botters, and RMT

Aion Bans Thousands Of Real Players, Botters, and RMT

So NCSoft the creators of the popular game Aion Online have finally decided to put an end to all the bots and RMT (Real Money Traders) out there by doing a large ban wave. However this ban wave did not go as they have wanted.

There have been reports from major aion sites of players being banned accidentally. The site aionsource has a post that is growing quickly by the number of players accidentally banned.

However little is known if these players have actually botted / RMT, or if they are being banned for another reason. One large reasoning going around is Aion instead of actually looking into accounts that might be botting they instead looked at accounts that have been played too long (such as hard core players that play in 8+ hour intervals) . Also they might of banned players that have gained kina (The currency in aion) via the auction house selling their wares to someone that gathered kina from a RMT.

The biggest problem going on is NCSoft decided to do this late on a friday night. Keep in mind customer support hours are M-F and close at 5pm PST. This has made all the legit players banned forced to wait more than 72 hours just to get a response as to what happened to thier accounts. This is not going to go over well for a game that has just came out and needs to get a strong following to help it fight off the juggernaut World of Warcraft, to which Aion is constantly compared to in the gaming style.

Well NCSoft has not made any direct comment about this other than they will investigate all banning that may have been accidentally done on a case by case basis. But if a few thousand players where accidentally banned then this fiasco is going to quickly blow up in the faces of NCSoft.

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