Aion Bots – MMOViper Updates (Including Windows 7)

MMOViper has released a slew of new updates. This bot is now fully working with windows 7 and it has a ton of other updates to allow you to hunt all the easier. Keep in mind they are still adding in new updates every day so be sure to check for more. Also remember with the right subscription you can get access to mmoviper over at

–Tweaked the radar and mob listings, should now be more stable
–Tweaked the hotkey combo chains. They will now fire correctly. If you setup a chain, it will continue casting the entire chain regardless of other hotkeys that may be ready.
— Initial Pet options have been enabled
— Initial Grouping options have been enabled
— Harvesting has been tweaked
— Mob arrays have been tweaked for missing nodes/mobs
— Turning code has been tweaked

The new filename is slightly changed, so when you copy the new version over, be sure to be running the correct one. Ie, AIONViperBot.exe.

We have tested windows 7 64-bit and everything seems to be working very well. Please let us know if you have any issues with windows 7 ViperBot!!!

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