Why The Character Profile Comment System Was Removed

So good news that someone finally asked what happened to the comments for our character profile/Aion live status areas. They said basically they had them taken away to stop RMT (real money traders) from exploiting this system in order to send spam at an alarming rate to palyers. The bad news is they arent sure if they will ever come back because they have no way to actively fight people exploiting the system to sell kinah in the game. So all in all it kinda sucks for players that enjoyed that.

Original Article

Deshy from Telemachus asks:

”Why was the option to post comments on our character profile/Aion live status removed, and will it come back in some way?”

We’ve temporarily disabled our comment system to protect our users from a new initiative from RMT organizations. These companies have begun spamming our players’ comments with advertisements and phishing links. Unfortunately, we currently have no effective way to combat this annoying behavior. Rather than let it get out of control, we turned off the comment feature before the spamming and phishing in character comments became a larger issue.

We’re hard at work implementing better tools to enhance this feature of our website. We plan to bring comments back online as soon as those tools have been completed. Although we understand that you enjoyed leaving your friends comments, we take your safety seriously, and our actions are a testament to that.

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