Aion Leveling Guides – Aion Leveling Guides Reviewed

Aion Leveling Guides - Aion Leveling Guides Reviewed

Well the website has posted reviews of all the major leveling guides out there.  These reviews are unbiased unlike other sites that are actually just promoting their own product thru a hidden way.
-Fantoms guide is unreviewed because the site was down so they have nothing there.
– There is no review for killer guides due to them not really being guides but more of scams to trick people into buying things they do not need.
– They reviewed the guides at kfguides to be an 8 out of 10 because of how it was layed out and the work the author has put into it.
– The highest reviewed guide is the ones from for the win or ftwguides as they are called. This one only however is showing one side for leveling and not both so you are sol but its cheaper than other places out there.

Anyways your best bet is to check those places back from time to time to see if they become more advance. Thank you for taking the time to read this. and look forward to some more updates.

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