Aion To Give New Life To Casual Players With Extra XP

Aion To Give New Life To Casual Players With Extra XPAion announced a new feature called energy of salvation. In a nutshell its going to help more casual players level faster to keep them up with the more hardcore players.

A direct quote from the ask kinslon blog says the following.

Energy of Salvation is for players who are leveling more slowly than other players of the same level. You can gain Energy of Salvation starting at level 15. It is intended for casual players, or players that really enjoy exploring and pursuing interests in game that don’t drive directly toward leveling as fast as possible. It’s also meant for people who get distracted by shiny things instead of leveling—of which I am always guilty of.

All in all the extra xp will be Levels 15–44: 40% bonus and Levels 45–50: 30% bonus. Now there is more technicalities such as how you get the experience boosts, where you have to hunt, and others parts. But its nothing to hard and frankly this should help keep more newbies playing because ncsoft is known for bieng a grind fest.

Read more about the kinslon dev blog.

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