Working Aion Kinah Hack – Dupe For All Servers Scam

Above you will see a video that says it is the aion online kinah hack.  This exploit says it will make you more kinah than you could ever use in aion online because of how it works.  Also the hack they say is easy to run and it works on all versions of the game.  Now lets give you a quick low down on this hack and the reality of it.

First of all this aion online hack is a scam.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE ITEM.  It is going to be either a trojan, or some sort of virus so they can steal your aion online account.

The video shown shows them first opening up a server on aion online.  If you look at it you can easily tell that its not a public server or is a public server taken with time lapses in it.  This is how they trick you into thinking this is a working hack.

All they did is first of all show them in aion online with a low amount of in game kinah.  Then they show themselves switching to opening up the application (It might just be a simple .exe they created or a photoshop).  Then they pause the recorder and edit the aion online private server values, use photoshop, or use cheat engine.  All of these will make it seem like they have a ton of kinah in the game now.  When in reality they don’t.  This is done so it will trick you into thinking that they have found a new working aion online kinah hack for the game.  Remember once again this is a scam being used to steal your in game accounts or worse if they get the chance.

Here are some easy tips to help you avoid scams like that.  First of all anyone that says they have a way to hack the game for more kinah are lying.  The only ways to get kinah will be from in game quests, selling stuff, bots, and cheats to find loopholes in the game.  There is no kinah hack because kinah information is stored server side.  So if someone wanted to get kinah from hacking they game they first would have to break into the games servers which would easily get them caught then they would steal all the kinah they could find.  This is something that no one can really do easily and if they manage to do it they wouldnt take the risk of selling a hack to the public because it would easily be traced back to them and get them ultimately arrested.

I think this should help players when it comes to finding out more about aion online kinah hacks and if they are scams or not.

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