FFXIV Bot – MMOViper bot updated for ARR

MMOViper Bot has been updated for Final Fantasy XIV:ARR. Yep, simply amazing! They have done it yet again.

I never thought the viper bots could get any better, but boy was I wrong. Now the new updated FFXIV Bot is fully background operational. That means that you can watch TV, YouTube, Surf, etc all while the bot is running.

So what is this bot? Well its a FFXIV Harvesting Bot, and FFXIV Hunting Bot all rolled into one.

1. Setup hunting patrols:

You define where, what, how to fight and let it go. It will fight all night long hunting over and over gaining you levels and gil. It only takes about 5 mins to download and get up a working patrol. It has extreme customization. You can define exactly how you want it fight from what spells to use, to how you heal yourself. Add in specific mobs to fight to avoid those that are too hard for you, and let’er rip.

2. Setup harvesting patrols

With this version (unlike the 1.0 version) you can setup fully automated harvesting patrols. It will find a open node, like say a Mineral Deposit, and harvest it. It will then find another one, move to it, and harvest that one too. And it will just KEEP going. It will gain levels so fast, it will make your head spin. Easily pay for itself within just a few days.

3. Radar. You can see a radar on the game to see what is around you and where. Just check out this picture!



What else could it have?
Well it will rez and resume after you die. You can have it stop after a number of deaths. You can customize clicks so you could setup a repeatable quest and have it run that quest over and over. There is so much in there, its hard to put it all down here. Why not check it out for yourself.



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