Rift Buggest Tattertwist Exploit

Rift Bugged Tattertwist ExploitHere is an awesome way to get a ton of iron from a bug node in rift online. Here is what you need to do in order to reach this bugged node and get all the loot from it.

– First of all you need to travel to tatter twist.
– Tattertwist is located at 7563 / 6086 in the drought lands
– Once there look for an iron node that you can harvest from.
– Go and harvest the iron node in the game.
– After about 10 minutes you can come back and harvest it all over again.

Now here is how you can make this bugged exploit even better.

– Go online and find a program called autoit
– Create a quick macro using their tutorials or you can custom record one with macro express
– Now set the macro to harvest the node then wait 11 minutes (better than 10 as it gives you a little extra time if there is a problem)
– Run the macro while you are sleeping.
– Wake up to a ton of easy in game look.

This node may or may not be nerfed in the near future so be forewarned about that one. Also keep in mind there have been already a few nodes found to have been bugged in the game so you should be able to enjoy the perks of multiple in game node looting. Remember if you find any of them be sure to post them over at taultunleashed.com you will not only get a free premium to all the games listed on the site, you can get real cash and prizes as well by just sharing with others.

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