Rift Gold Dupe Cheat

Rift Gold Dupe Cheat

There is currently a demi gold dupe out in rift online.  This gold dupe allows you to almost instantly amass a ton of gold in the game.  What the gold dupe does is it finds a way so players can with little to no work on their part farm a ton of gold in the game and in the long run be pretty much set.  Well now that we have given you a little introduction lets talk about this gold dupe and how you actually get this rift cheating guide working.

For starters you have to find a specific mob in the game.  Keep in mind we are not going to give you the mobsname because its a secret that only players can learn more about over at taultunleashed for all their rift gold dupes.  Now whats special about this games mob is it does not hav ea normal spawn cycle like most mobs in rift online.  This mob is on whats called an instant spawn.  To see an instant spawn in action you just hav eot kill the mob.  Once the mob is dead he will then auto respawn within a few seconds to let you fight him all over again.

So now the way you exploit these auto spawning mobs is you find ones that drop items that be sold for gold in the game.  This particular mob actually drops an item that sells for around 10 gold in rift online.  So you just keep on killing him over and over again and colleting this item for a ton of in game gold.  However now you can take it even one step farther…

What you do now is set up an auto killing script or bot as many would call it.  With this rift online bot you can set it to contantly kill this one mob onver and over again and then start looting the stuff he drops.  The best time to run this is either when you are in the same room with your comptue rand eating something, or maybe you are sleeping and you have it set up to make a beeping sound whenever someone comes near.

So after you have found the instant spawn mob, made sure he drops something that be sold for gold, and set up a rift macro to run over night.  You should be able to wake up with a ton of rift in game gold and eventually be totally set for having all the rift online gold you can handle with this rift gold dupe.

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