Rift Patch 1.2 Cheats Bugs & Exploits

Rift Patch 1.2 Cheats Exploits Bugs GlitchesSo rift today just released a major patch for the game. This patch is going to not only address some upcoming issues in the game but its planning on fixing a ton of old problems in the game.

The major thing they did that was major is give players the ability to ascend a friend which we have already talked about in another post so please click on that if you are interested in it. Now here are some other things they did. Allowed players to use slivers more. The ability to get a 5th role at the calling trainer. You can do crafting rifts in the game. PvP rewards are better. Bosses have been nerfed to make them give out more proper rewards. The auction house has been improved. Finally facebook has been added.

Now lets get to the real meat that people are curious about. Well when it comes to major nerfs in the game. First of all bots and hacks for rift patch 1.2 have not really been touched at all. They changed spells some so they have been easily fixed and updated for the game. Some exploits where nerfed. Mainly they where major farming spots that allowed players to kill certain mobs over and over again for easy loot in the game. The ones fixed where widely known and not the ones under sites like taultunleashed. They also did find a way to nerf some traveling bugs that would let you get to certain areas in the game you weren’t suppose too.

So for things that they didnt nerf are the following. They ways to move and equip items you shouldnt. Dome special spawn spots in the game which pleases me greatly as i have been using them a lot. Really any hacks or bots in the game. They talked about their own wow warden coming but that hasn’t been seen yet by any of the releases they have done.

Overall this patch just seemed to nerf a few things but mainly the rift patch 1.2 seems to have opened the door for more cheats bugs exploits bots and hacks to be created in the game.

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