Starcraft 2 Cheats – Top Five SC2 Cheats Being Used

Starcraft 2 Cheats Out ThereIn this little article we are going to tell you the top 5 starcraft 2 cheats going on right now and what they do.

The first major one is a new rushing exploit that only terrans can use that normally will give you an instant win in the game. Its pretty easy to do and has a step by step guide for how you can do this rush.

The next one is a exploit that will allow you to speed up building your tech labs in the game. This exploit basically will give you about an extra 30 second upgrade on most every player in the game you are against. Great for winning a rush. This is sure to be nerfed in the upcoming patches.

The third one is more for single player but its a list of all the working single player cheats. These wont give you achievements but you can go and become pretty much a god in the game.

The fourth is with mind control and its an exploit letting you control more units than you should be able too. Blizzard did not intend for players to become this powerful nor did they want players to be able to exploit this bad boy like most players have been doing in the game.

The fifth one is one of the biggest ones int he game. There is a cheat out there allowing players to zoom out far more than the game normally allows. In starcraft 2 they keep your zoom out factor rather low helping keep the game balanced for people on lower resolution monitors. Well this cheat will bypass that and allow you to zoom out even farther. This is very helpful for managing large scale battles or multiple bases at once without running around.

Well those are the top five starcraft 2 cheats out there currently. Be sure to keep coming back here to learn about more. Also if you want to actually use these cheats and exploits be sure to check out taultunleashed for the latest information on these. Thanks for reading.

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