Starcraft 2 Guide How To Fix Lag

Fix starcraft 2 lagFix for starcraft 2 lag?
My starcraft 2 game is laggy for single player and even worse for multi player. My question is if anyone know s away i can fix my lag problems easily. I know it has to do with the hardware but it might have something to do with the software because my online games are horrible. Even if my hardware was bad i still shouldnt get that bad of online gaming. So does anyone know a way to fix this starcraft 2 lag im having.

Best answer:
Well there are always 2 parts when it comes to a slow game the first is with your hardware and the second is with your software. Lets start with your hardware.

If you haven’t already you should have at least 2 gigs of ram but id recommend at least 3 gigs of ram to make sure you can take care of it all. You need to have at least 2.4 ghz for a processor. Also be sure to get a decent graphics card. you can get a good one for around 150 dollars if you look hard and long enough for one.

Also if you don’t already have it, make sure you have some kind of high speed internet. A old 20k a sec connection wont cut it and you’ll need something fast enough to load the games in a timely manner. Also this helps because you need to almost constantly have an online connection for single and multiplayer games due to the new system.

Now lets look at software. First of all make sure you have an up to date operating system and if you can get windows7 in there it has all the bells and whistles you could need from an operating system. Make sure you run your windows update and get all your things updated. Then check out your graphics card manufacturers website and see if you have the latest drivers for your graphics card that is a big one. Check your router or firewall to make sure you have the ports open for the game you are playing. Also see what other applications are running when you are running the game. Lots of applications can bog down a system and if they are stealing your internet that can make you suffer even more.

Try turning off your virus protection system when you are playing online as anti virus software can really hamper a computer. Then go and check your internet speed. Id go to and make sure you have a good speed and see if you are loosing any packets. Because if you have a high packet loss that will bog down your game for multiplayer a lot.

If you do all those suggestions you shouldn’t have any problem with your computer running in tip top shape. Enjoy starcraft 2 and enjoy a much faster computer for online and single player gaming.

I hope this answers your question for how to fix starcraft 2 lag and slow game play.

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