Starcraft 2 Shokz Guide Review – SC2 Shokz

Starcraft 2 Shokz GuideStarcraft 2 Shokz Guide Review – SC2 Shokz
Here is a quick guide review comparing the starcraft 2 shokz guide to the major guide site out there called taultunleashed. We are going to give you a quick recap of the faults and pros of each and how they compare.

Sc2 1v1 Guides – Shokz has a great area for 1v1 guides and how to fight other players. Taultunleashed also gives you all the latest guides out there.
SC2 2v2 Guides – Shokz stats that it will be adding more information over time. Taultunleashed currently has all the latest sc2 2v2 strategy guides out there.
SC2 Build Orders – Both shokz and taultunleashed has all this information posted on both sites.
Replays of strategies – Shokz does not have many reply videos of things. Taultunleashed has plenty of reply videos listed for multiple guides.
Tournament Strategies – Shokz does not have any tournament strategies, taultunleashed has tons of ways to win against the best of the best.
Race Defenses – Both taultunleashed and shokz give you ways to stop units with different units from the opposing races.
24 Hours support – Shokz has none, while taultunleashed is being constantly updated.
Zero day updates – Shokz updates bi weekly while taultunleashed updates daily.
Cheats – Shokz has none. Taultunleashed has tons.
Bots and Hacks – Shokz has none taultunleashed has tons.
Secrets – Shokz does not have any right now while taultunleashed is adding more daily.
Price – Shokz is 37 dollars, while taultunleashed is only 8.

I hope this guide tells you the major differences between the two and allows you to decide which guide site is best for you and will make you a better player. Be sure to keep checking out for all the latest cheats, guides, strategies, secrets, and more for sc2.

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