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FF14 Lancer Class

Here is a video of the final fantasy Lancer class in action. The perks of the class are the following. First o fall they have a little bit extra when it comes to range for attacking mobs. Which may or may not help you in the field of battle. You can see the player easily moving around the mob via side steeping and attacking them from different angles. The downside seems to be the slowness of the animations for attacking mobs with this class. He seems to have a long delay when it comes to attacking mobs which if they keep things in terms of games where your actions determine your damage then this class might not be used as much.

The lancer class is going to one of the disciples of war in final fantasy 14. The lancer class will be mainly in use of spear like weapons and have a ranged attack in the game. You can get an extra attack against mobs in the game because while you can attack from a distance the mob will have to run up to you. The lancer can also increase other players TP points in the game with their skills. The lancer has the ability to steal HP from other mobs in the game with their special ability. Finally the lancer can do a special move called collusion which it not only attack the enemy but it will give that enemies enmity to an ally that is between you and the enemy.

The lancers weapons are also something for players to fear. They can attack multiple targets at once with different sweep attacks they have. The downside with sweep attacks from the lancer is you can not hit flying enemies with them as they only attack the low parts of your enemies. The lancer can also slow down other enemies with the skewer skill. However this one as well can not hit flying enemies. The best move of the lancer is the feint skill which allows you to be sure of a guaranteed hit with your next attack but you have to dodge an attack from another mob in the game.

Well there is some information for the upcoming lancer class in final fantasy xiv.

31 comments to FF14 Lancer Class

  • deluxedookie


    sometimes a normal atttack will attack 1-4 times

  • alexjones95

    is this ps3?

  • icxbxy

    thought I read somewhere from the FFXIV developer telling that there will be no more experience points, but after having watched this video, how come there are still some experience points?

  • KaminKamou

    @sneken002 Uh not really, Phase II Weaponskills were pointless use to as they wasted a lot of Stamina for either a miss or same amount of damage done with a regular attack. Trust me if they were beneficial I would have used them, I know how to play =p

  • sneken002

    lol dude gota use yer TP more, then maybe ya wont die so fast… but bet u already knew that right : )

  • ubermk3

    Nice vid thanks for posting.

  • Venomivy1617

    4:25 Pretty *_*

  • justwealth

    Are there instanced dungeons in this game?

  • jfuya2000

    Question (If you have some insight on the matter that is): How does SE plan on keeping the economy of the game in check so that it does not get out of hand like in XI? Also, is there any sort of behavior players should engage in or refrain from engaging in that could help as well?

    Thx! =)

  • furiousbeast

    Excellent videos ive watched most of them 🙂 Do you have to start in this city btw or is there a number of diffrent starting cities like in FF11?

  • doubleas2380

    This looks awesome!

  • CrankySailor

    lol that galka is so huge i just can imagine him telling to the guy ” Me gonna eat youre HEAD!!! puny human”

  • Hanzo365

    @RocsLock Have they confirmed it?

  • RocsLock

    @KindredEmotions Yeah I had fraps on, a video in Sony Vegas rendering and a video being uploaded to Youtube while play lol. I rarely lag ever and my specs are on profile 😉

  • KindredEmotions

    I don’t know if you mentioned this in one of your previous videos, but what are your PC specs and what settings are you playing on? This video shows a bit more lag than your others.

  • RocsLock

    @Hanzo365 around 2011 yeah

  • Hanzo365

    @RocsLock Yup, it´s a great game, maybe my fav. game ever…By the way, didn´t they plan to make TES5 an online game?

  • RocsLock

    @Hanzo365 i love oblivion

  • Hanzo365

    I had been worrying about the camera before I saw this video.. I didn´t know if you could be able to play from 1st perspective. If 3rd perspective would had been all there is, this would had been a very hard game on PS3. At last, my hundreds of hours of playing Oblivion will pay off 😀 Hopefully FFXIV gets a way better PS3 version though..

  • Matchless138

    Oh I see. Sorry about the error.

  • RocsLock

    @Matchless138 Its in the bottom left lol

  • Matchless138

    No chat? How can you communicate with other players? I wanna get this game so badly, but I can’t seem to find a chat module.

  • c0nt3g0

    the more i see of this game the less im able to wait for it

  • RocsLock

    @momorgoth Yeah check the other videos. I use a gamepad now.

  • momorgoth

    Thats a LOT of text!!! I’ve seen more lines in this extract then in the whole FFXIII.

    and FFXIV is an MMO!
    Also, you seem to be playing on the pc with a mouse. I wonder how the controls would be like on the PS3? Anyone ever played FFXI could tell me?

  • RocsLock

    @shadowraf Yeah it runs nice but I imagine with tons of people, my videos may get chopping on release date

  • shadowraf

    the game moves [pretty smooth and you dont have a high price video card that good 🙂 i was worried about that

  • Jexyss

    @ragnaros100 you mean like FFXIII?

  • RocsLock

    @ragnaros100 😉

  • ragnaros100

    The characters looks GREAT but I really hope Squarre enix focused even more on the gameplay because if its just a game with good graphics and bad gameplay Nobody would play it… (Thumbs up if you agree with me?) 😀

  • sergel02

    @majia that is true. its nice to have them in at least cut scenes, really makes a difference. Plus, this is a beta too.